how to tell the difference?

how can u tell the difference between Acne and Rosacea?
i know i have v.acne but im beginning to wonder about the redness on my nose, as its permenantly red. i hardy get that many mpimples on my nose but its stil red

i spoke to my derm about it being rosacea and he said its very unlickly because of my age and sex!!
how can i find out what it is causing the redness? i mean i dont flush, or anything like that?
help :o(

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8 thoughts on “how to tell the difference?

  1. 🙁
    no but seriously..what u guys think?
    could redness on the face be due to acne? my doctor said something about the acne bacteria under the skin causing inflamation and redness or somehin like that, i didnt quite understand

    but if thats to b the case, then why is it that i hardly ever beak out on my nose and yet its still red? 🙁


  2. Hey purepersian, can’t tell ya what the hell the guy above is getting at but anyways my derm told me the same thing, like my acne is pretty much gone but the redness remains especially around the nose I always powder it and it isn’t as noticable but since you’re a guy you might not feel comfy doing that I don’t know. Have you asked your derm if it is rosacea??

    Heather 😀

  3. Hey, I think that the main difference would be that rosacea is like lots of little tiny broken veins and sometimes it can make you nose slighlty inflammed, many people do have a combination of acne and rosacea, i remember my friend seamus had it but i always thought it was acne until my mum who is a nurse saw him and tol me it was rosacea…do you notice that it goes worse if you eat very hot foods or if room temperature changes???? can you see any little tiny veins??? you are only 16 right…i dont think it could be because normally older people get it from years working outside or from heavy drinking but i couldnt be too sure…hope i helped..sorry :roll :roll michellex

  4. the other day i thought you did a post saying it was your 16 bday but i just checked your profile and your 20…anyway this means you probably do drink, maybe a heavy drinking student or something..this can cause rosacea!!!… 😛

  5. well. i dont drink much anyway os its not gonna b that
    and when i eat hot food or enter a hot room i dont flush,or get the burning sensation rsaceans get, i mean i might sweat but then who doesnt!

    so i dunno,im kinda confused

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