Does accutane shrink your pores?

One of the major problems on my face is that my pores in my T-zone have been stretched out by comedones and now resemble small pits. Now, some of these may be scarred and accutane wouldn’t heal them, but I was thinking that, seeing as accutane gets rid of excess oil, therefore eliminating comedones, will a lot of these stretched pores shrink back up to their regular size. I haven’t seen any photo-diary’s of people on accutane who seemed to have the same problem, so I’m wondering what you guys have experienced?

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4 thoughts on “Does accutane shrink your pores?

  1. I have been wondering about that too…I am on accutane now and my pores are significantly smaller. But I am wondering if they will stay that way?

  2. well, accutane is a drug that does permanently decrease oil production (although acne can still come back) so it should permanently shrink pores if it does it at all. Does anyone else have any experiences?

  3. It does shrink the pores like nothing else can. Its a very powerful drug no doubt about it.

  4. wow, looks like there’s hope for me yet. Guess I’d better get me a prescription, then in a years time, I can start worrying about all my damn scars 🙁

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