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You know I started using Carley’s Saturday night,and today is Tuesday.I think my face is maybe breaking out a little and my nose is just so red its crazy.Should I stop using it?And start using honey again?Or should I just keep using Carley’s but use the soap with it?Man I am so frikkin tict off!What does it take to get clear skin???????? 😡 :onfire

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  1. By the way Mari you know how you told me to take some vitamins called B5?And I said I had them at home?

    Well I started taking them like 2 weeks ago but I dont know if these are the exact ones you told me to take.The Bottle says B-100 Caps.And the company is NOW.Are these ok?

  2. Okay Bret thats a B-complex what you got. Many use that one but along with the B5 which is the one we are interested. For acne you need the megadose of the B5.

    Im sorry to hear Carley’s isnt helping 🙁 Its very odd.. You using it one time or two times a day? Are you using it alone. You can try that finishing soap and see how that goes too and use honey. Let me know

  3. So wait from now on you want me to use Carley’s with the soap that came with it at night.And then wash it off and put honey on all night?Is that ok?

    Im still confused with the vitamin thing.

    By the way Mari,does Clearasil or Neutrogena work?

  4. I am not Mari, but I have a few suggestions. One thing is to be patient, acne did not develop overnight and usually does not leave overnight. After that dismal news, do you have sensitve skin? I am not clear on what Carleys product it is, but have you ever considered maybe adding some water to your face wash? This might help to dilute it a little bit and maybe your skin would be more accepting. Again, I don’t exactly know what you are using, but I’m just trying to help!

  5. Well Im taking B vitamins and at night I use the Carley’s treatment.I started using Carley’s 3 nights ago.

  6. Like Mari said, B vitamins will probably help, but B5 (pantothenic acid) is one that really helps with acne. If you go to a health store, they should have some.

    As for Carley’s, I am not familiar with it. Is it a wash?cream?

  7. Nope not at all.It just doesnt seem to be working yet.My nose starting getting real red before I used it.I dont know whats wrong with my dumb nose

  8. Thanks wally, I was going to say that of being patient. Bret you need to calm down, you will get better dont worry, it took me time to learn and many trial and errors before getting it right but I did finally. Stressing about it will only make it worse. There is bunch of people here to help you so trust me you are in the right track so far.

    What I suggested if the cleansor makes you that red then as wally says you have sensitive skin. What I suggested then try the soap alone and use the honey as I remember you said it helped and see how that goes.

  9. But what if I keep using the soap and the Carleys?And then after Im done using that at night use the honey?Would they mess up the Carley’s since you are supposed to take it alone?

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