after washing with soap..

i am on the do nothing method..and after 2 days of washing my face only with water it always seems to improve..but gets too oily and i always use a little big of soap that always breaks me out
and i even got aloe vera soap which i was told helped everyone
but broke out bad as my face got oily the next day and so on…

so what should i do?
never ever was hwith anything but water?
also what about afte rswimming in salt water and being on the sun all day

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4 thoughts on “after washing with soap..

  1. First off, get rid of soaps. Soaps are just not good. Get a real mild cleansor like Purpose liquid cleansor. If plan on keeping the nothing method just wash with it one time a day(nightime recomendend) and see how it goes. Thats what I do now. 😀 At morning I only splash water on it. I used to wash two times (morning and night but since Im clear from accutane with only once is enough for me now)

  2. I don’t think you should get rid of soaps. If you use a soap like Neutrogena or Clearisal (I prefer Neutogena) It really helps. If you have really bad acne maybe you should consider going to the dermatolist.

  3. I still would like to know of real trustable soap for face. I tried Neutrogena before, the no scent plain one and I must say it helped for while. I was amuzed how well it worked but then after few weeks acne back again. But you are right to say that Neutrogena soap is the most decent one 🙂

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