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anyone here had food allergy tests done? Do they work? What does it involve? I cut out wheat and dairy for a bit and have started drinking loads of water and cutting all the junk out of my diet and I saw great results. gave in though yesterday and didn’t eat so well and now my skin is suffering again with lots of whiteheads. Thought a proper diagnosis may show exactly what is causing the problem. 😐

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  1. I have allergy tests done some time ago and wouldn’t be a great supporter of them. Basically my test involved holding samples of food in a test tube in one hand and some other metal rod in the other. They’d pass an electric current (very mild) through your body and measure the resistance. I came up negative for all foods, drinks, even dogs and cats (which is lucky cause I love cat curry 😀 )

    Despite this I’m still convinced that whereas you might not have an allergy to particular foods, avoidance of some foods is beneficial. If you find that wheat, dairy etc etc cause you to break out then avoid them. The test here cost around £35 (Jan de Fris was the consultant). If you want to do the test to satisfy your curriosity then by all means go ahead and do it. I wasn’t that impressed by my test.

    Anyway I’m going to see a Reiki practitioner next week. The ancient Chineese art of healing from the inside. I’ve been crippled with a bad back so I’ll see how this goes. may also ask them about the oul acne as well.

  2. Collie,
    God Bless Ya Lad I think you were Scammed!
    That was NOT food allergy test that someone sold you.

    I have gone through real food allergy tests. Actually twice in my life. The most recent test is the one I have the better memory of but as I remember the first test was the same format.

    1.The nurse or the allergy doctor will do the test.

    2. The person doing the test marks out a grid on your back and also marks out a grid on the back of each arm.

    3.The allergins are stored in little tubes that are all labeled and are in an open box.

    4. A fresh needle is used to scratch each box, the boxes are the boxes that were drawn on your skin, a ‘grid’ is a series of boxes. This is done to see if you will have a reaction to the allergins.

    5. After scratching the skin a drop of the allergin is applied to the skin. Each box is tested with a different allergin. There are many allergins in this test. The first part of the test is to different animals and other things like house dust. The second part of the test is on foods that are ‘known’ to be common allergins like wheat, corn, milk, eggs, peanuts, and even cottonseed oil. Every step is done very carefully so one allergin does not contaminate another allergin and give any false positives.

    6. If nothing happens on the scratch then you are not allergic to the allergin.

    7. If a ‘wheal’ developes you are allergic to the allergin.

    8. How large and how red and angry looking the ‘wheal ‘ is determines just how violent your allergy is to that particular allergin.

    9. The whole test takes around a couple of hours.

    10. Afterwards your skin itches terrible wherever you had an allergic reaction to an allergin.

    11. The test costs in the $1000.00 range or even higher today because that is what it cost when I had it …I had insurance and the insurance paid.

    Please, please don’t think that passing a current through anything will tell you if you are allergic to anything. You can get an allergy test ONLY THROUGH A REAL ALLERGIST who is a highly trained M.D. who is usually also a NOSE AND THROAT SURGEON. That was what my doctor was here in the United States. I do realize that different countries have different rules governing medical practices. The doctor I went to does work with doctors in Mexico helping them to understand how to treat allergys. I remember Dr. Trevino telling me, during one of my check up visits, that the practice of Nose and Throat and the Allergy practice were not incorporated in Mexican medical practice. He was working to get these two specialities incorporated because they really do go together.

    Now I read where you in Ireland were scammed with a phony allergy test, and I am wondering about the rest of the world, and how they handle this really serious problem. Just popping allergy pills doesn’t really help people…we need to know what is really causing our problems so we can take steps to avoid the things that we are allergic to.

    I went through 3 years of shots after the last allergy tests. One shot in each arm every week. The shots worked to desentized me to my animal and environmental allergies. This does not mean that I cannot develope some of the same allergies again. I still have a problem with some trees and with house dust.

    At this time that I went through the shots there were NO allergy shots for food allergies so I have to avoid the foods I am allergic to. I recentily read that a new product is being tested that will stop food allergy to peanuts. The researchers believe that, in time, they will be able to give a couple of shots to people, and then there will no longer be any food allergies. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens in this area of medicine.


  3. Yeah my alergist did it the way yours did Solomio. Except they only did mine on my back and not on my arms. My brother was pretty much allergic to everything but I only had 2 bumps. (dust and mold) Even with those 2 bumps the guy insisted that I get a shot once a week for my “allergies” I didnt even know I had allergies!!!! 😡

    So of course my mom insisted that I go. But I told her she can ground me she can beat my @$$ but I am NOT GOING TO GO! so finally she gave up and I dont have to get them now! (shots are my worst fear, I will do anything not to get them! hehe)

  4. Dana,
    I hated those shots every week, and I still hate getting any kind of shots.

    The thing I hate the most is getting blood tests!
    When I see my blood going up in the vial I just about pass out.

    P.S. you are lucky that you were not allergic to much…you really didn’t need to get a lot of shots. I had multiple reactions especially to trees, grasses, molds, some animals and in the food test to milk, and the cottonseed one made a hugh monster appear on my back. I remember the ‘wheals’ I got lasted a day or so after the test because I remember being itchy and someone had to put cortizone cream on the wheals for me.

  5. Oh I hate blood tests too. The one I got a couple years ago left a big bruise on me! It hurt so bad, I didnt watch when she did it b/c I know I would have thrown up! :puppydogeyes

    I have hated shots ever since this happened:

    I went to the doctor with my mom and best friend Brittney a couple years ago. When I got up on the table to get the shot, I wasn’t ready for it. The nurse put the shot in like 3 seconds after I got on the table and it scared me so I jumped. I jumped so much that the needle ripped my skin and broke off inside of me! So I started screaming (actually the first word I screamed was SH!TTTTT!!!!) And at that point I was rolling off the table so my mom grabbed my legs and Brittney grabbed my side. It was a really bad experience. When I walked out of the room everyone in the waiting room was staring and one person said “Did they try and kill you?” I just pointed at Brittney and said it was her and ran out of that place! So now on my profile thingy at the doctor office it says “sensitive to shots”.

    Why do the bad things like this ALWAYS happen to me?!?!?!??!?!?! 😡 :puppydogeyes

  6. I recorded a VCR tape of Dr. Gary Null lecturing on his anti-aging, health promoting protocol. One of the things he mentioned was a simple at-home test to find out if one is allergic to a particular food. It involved lying still in bed, and taking one’s pulse; then one puts some of the food being tested under the tongue and holds it there for some amount of time, (can’t remember if involved chewing and swallowing it also) and then takes the pulse rate again, while staying prone, resting in bed (moving around too much would raise the pulse rate). Anyway, if the pulse rate goes up, then that is an indication that the body is reacting in an allergic fashion to the food. I forgot how many foods one could test per session. It seems a lot easier than the food elimination process or getting tested by an allergist (and it’s free). Within the next week or two, I will find the spot on the tape where he described this at-home allergy test, and give you more detailed instructions on how to do it. I would imagine it is described in his latest book, which is available at the library (at least in Los Angeles).

    Here’s an article at his website re allergy testing (I haven’t read it myself though):

  7. Lenore,
    I have heard about the pulse taking theory in determining if a person has food allergy.

    How do you stop cross contamination in the mouth between the different foods that have to be tested when you are trying to determine what you are really allergic to??? There are many different foods that are used in the skin tests, and the substances that are used, in the skin test, are the actual components of the foods that cause the actual reactions to the various proteins that are involved.

    Sometimes sublingual (tongue absorption) reaction is delayed…it is not as immediate as an isolated scratch to a small individual area of the skin where the allergen enters both the blood and lymph system immediately, and the reaction is to just that one tiny small patch of skin in the form of a wheal. (a raised, itchy, red bump not unlike a pimple)

    Actually if we absorbed our food through the sublingual method we would not have any need for the complicated digestive system the good Lord gave us. All you would have to do is put the food in your mouth, and digest and absorbs the food right there…forget about all that unnecessary swallowing.

    Lenore, you do know that medicine that is prepared to be absorbed under the tongue is prepared in a special way to facilitate this form of absorption because our bodies do not normally absorbe foods in the mouth…if we did we would all be suffering from the most awful allergys from whole, undigested proteins getting into our blood streams…

    Soooo….the reaction you get to food number 5 or 6, if you do experience any reaction at all to placing an undigested bit of food under your tongue, may actually be a reaction to the very first food you put under your tongue.

    How do you propose handling liquids like milk, corn oil, cotton oil, walnut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, canola oil, the list goes on and on and on…I do believe there were over a hundred different proteins from food that are in the scratch test…and each is a PURE EXTRACT without cross contamination from other substances being in the foods…:scratch …:scratch …:scratch



  8. All these factors suggest that blood tests for food sensitivity could be highly unreliable. But, more telling is the fact that some of the commercial labs offering food allergy testing cannot even reproduce their own results. In one case, six samples—all drawn from the same patient at the same time—were sent to three different labs. Two of the labs returned results with “incredibly high” variances between the samples, indicating that the testing was unreliable.

    Lenore, the above quote is from your web site…Allergy tests are not done in this manner in the United States…there is NO blood drawn and sent to a lab…all the testing is done in the Allergist’s office where a grid is drawn on the skin of the back and arms etc… you know the rest from my first post in this thread…the reaction is immediate to the allergens and can be seen as plain as day there is NO guess work with testing results today.

    Please read below what else I pulled from that guy’s web site…
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    Good Lord, the guy is selling stuff on this web site. This is not a really reliable web site for health information.

    Please, please be aware that when a web site is in the business of trying to sell you something that the information on that web site should be looked with a very careful eye.

    There are no laws…yet…that govern what can be said on a web site in the health area except for false claims about curing Cancer. That is the only area where there are laws and these laws pertain to the US only as far as I have been able to find out about the health claim area. That’s why so many of you have purchased so many worthless products to get rid of acne…because there are no laws against selling worthless crap and telling people this stuff will get rid of acne.

    Prescription drugs are the exception. Prescription drugs have to be tested and must receive F.D.A. approval (government office of Food and Drug in the U.S.) before they can be sold to the public.

  9. I found a description of Dr. Coca’s Pulse Test (an at-home allergy test you can do at home for free) at this link: . I’m not sure that the test they describe is exactly Dr. Coca’s Pulse Test but they did mention his name at the beginning of that section. It does involve chewing and eating the food, not just putting it under the tongue, so the sublingual absorption factor shouldn’t be an issue. You can also download for free the foreward and Chapter 1 of Dr. Coca’s book at this link: .

    Sorry it took me so long to come back with this information. (I said two weeks and it’s been like 6 months.)

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