fish oil side effects?

hi everyone 😀 first off, I’m a asian male 40, who had ance since I was 14. mostly whiteheads to start, but around 20, I started getting a lot of cysts also. thats when I started taking tetracycline, which I’ve been on for the last 18 years. I decided to go off of it last year because I found I had to start taking higher and higher dosage to get the same effect.
I’ve been reading this as well as the other forum for just over 3 months now and decided to start taking fish oil 2 months ago because the posts that I’ve read about them. (didn’t like the idea of taking 20 B5 pills everyday) 6 capsules a day(1000 mg,180 EPA,120 DHA)the max recommended dosage. it seems to be helping along with the proactive stuff I use. rare cysts and whiteheads now and again, but nothing major.
few things I notice though. my g/f saids I’m starting to smell bad(armpits) 🙁 I’ve started to get migrain headaches, and I’m also starting to gain weight 😮 I’ve gone to the gym the last 3 years and have gone from 210lbs, 18.4% bodyfat to 180lbs 12.5%bodyfat last month. I recently weight myself and I’m up to 194lbs. I’m afraid to take a bodyfat test.
I’m just wondering if these are normal side effect of fish oil and a strange urge to swim up river? 😛
would B5 be better?

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  1. wow johnny, long years of tetraticycline!!

    Have you tried Zinc. Its been shown in studies that zinc has the same effect antibiotic effect as tetracycline. And your body doesnt become inmune to it. You may want to experiment with it. And yeah B5 is a good try for sure.

    Mari 😀

  2. Hi Johnny….I havn’t noticed any headaches from taking fish oil. I’ve never heard of that being a side effect…or the unpleasant odor either. 😮

    I’m taking the odorless, tasteless fish oil that is SO GREAT. No burping up fish oil. That’s one reason I never took it. Check my thread out “For Dr. Nomad and other fish people” down below. It gives a link for the odorless, tasteless stuff. It’s on sale now, too. And it WORKS GREAT! 😀

  3. zinc? how much should I be taking?
    fish oil seems to be working for me. should I take B5 and fish oil at the same time?

  4. I had to stop with the fish oils thing cos i just broke out even more lol…would have to have been me!

    lilnat 😀

  5. the reason you are getting these side effects is not so much from the fish oil, its from coming off 18 years of antibiotics.

    thats why you smell bad, its because your body has a lot of toxins in it, and your immune system is very low. you probably get bad breath a lot now too. its because you dont have enough ‘friendly bacteria’ in your system to fight off the toxins.

    what you need to do is take acidolpholous everyday for the next 6 months at least. this will re-introduce a lot of friendly bacteria.
    it will also give your immune system a major boost. after taking this for a while you will start to feel WAY better.

    also try and eat a lot of yogurt which has active bacterial culture in it. (just make sure it doesnt have any carageenan in it).
    this can also help tremendously.

    after doing this for a while in conjunction with the fish oil, you should notice some very positive results

  6. one other thing i should mention is that i was on proactiv for two years. and that stuff gave me some pretty wierd side effects after a while. i dont think its a good idea to keep using it over a prolonged period of time. especially when the medication is applied around your mouth, over a time you’ll end up ingesting a lot of it and it is not good for you.
    that and it can also damage your skin over time if you use it for too long.

    more and more im starting to think proactiv is probably contributing to the side effects you are experiencing. when i was using proactiv for some reason it made me very sensitive to certain things like green tea, and raw onions. its because these are powerful foods that are rich in anti-oxidants, and they dont seem to mix well with proactiv.

    fish oil is also rich in anti-oxidents, which is why i think mega-dosing on it while you are using proactiv, is whats giving you the headaches.
    i would suggest using one or the other for a while.

    i would strongly recomend dropping the proactiv, and switching to a natural cleanser, and continue with the fish oil, but its up to you. but trust me the longer you use proactiv, the more harm you’ll do to your skin and the worse you’ll break out (temporarily) after you stop using it.

    oh yeah and i cant stress the acidolpholous thing enough. go out and get yourself some ACIDOLPHOLOUS.

  7. Hi Johnny,
    You mentioned another forum. Could you please tell me what forum? Congrats on the weight loss! I have nothing to add about fish oil but you have some good tips so far! Good luck. TG

  8. Well you know lilnat one time I tried a salmon oil from GNC that made my skin worse. I thought that was very odd. However the GNC multioil works very good! I still cant figure out why that was. I just know the multioil had a combination of both omegas 3 & 6 and that one has just about every oil from fish to borage oil. Im not doing it now but when Im off accutane I will definetly will take the oils again!

    zits, any improvement yet?

    Mari 😀

  9. zits, any improvement yet?

    Mari 😀

    thanks for asking mari. 😀 I started taking zinc as well as continuing with the fish oil. I don’t really notice the headaches anymore(maybe I’m just getting use to them). though it looks the same to me, my g/f saids that my skin feels softer, and looks more heathy. I still have one annoying cyst that acts up once in a while, but I haven’t notice any whitehead for 3 weeks now :mrgreen :mrgreen

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