What’s wrong with my skin care?

Hello all…

This is what I’ve been doing with my face but I still get lots of acne everywhere!!! Please give me some advice!

I’m using:

Clean and Clear daily face wash
Clean and Clear moisturiser
Clean and Clear Blemish treatment
Clean and Clear Mask
Maybelline foundation

I dunno…..maybe it’s the brand I’m using?

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4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with my skin care?

  1. I don’t have personal experience with the Clean and Clear line of products. How long have you been using them for? It can take 3-4 months for topical acne products to clear the skin.

    You might want to check the ingredients for being non-comedogenic against this list of cosmetic ingredients at http://www.zerozits.com :


    I haven’t really found anything at the drugstore that worked very well for me. The Naturally Clear line of products help ( http://www.naturallyclear.com ).

  2. In my experience products such as Clean & Clear aren’t the best way forward for acne sufferers because they tend to be fairly harsh on the skin (despite what the manufacturers claim). These commercial products are usually aimed more towards people who just get the odd spot now and again. However if you suffer from acne breakouts even these so-called ‘gentle’ products may be aggrevating the skin and partially contributing to the problem.
    The problem could also be related to how often you use the products. When suffering a breakout its always tempting to go in with guns blazing and apply as many products as possible in the hope of clearing it in the shortest time! However by over cleansing the skin you may just be drying it out and again causing aggrivation.
    It may be advisable to use a more gentle/natural product on your skin and resist the temptation to over cleanse. Honey seems to be very popular on this site 😀 or perhaps something containing aloe vera??

  3. There’s a website called http://www.cosmeticcop.com that has a review of the line. It’s at this link: http://www.cosmeticcop.com/learn/reviews.asp

    This is from the website:

    Brand: Clean & Clear by Johnson & Johnson (Skin Care Only)

    Clean & Clear by Johnson & Johnson (Skin Care Only)
    When it comes to breakouts, this line has some great options and some real disappointing shockers. For example, it has some wonderfully formulated benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid (BHA) products that contain no irritants or fragrance. But then it has a cleanser for oily skin that contains Vaseline! Vaseline for blemish-prone skin? What were these people thinking?

    Foaming Facial Cleanser ($3.49 for 8 ounces) is a standard, detergent-based water-soluble cleanser. It can be more drying than some, but it would be an option for someone with oily skin. It contains a tiny amount of triclosan, a disinfectant, that could be effective for controlling breakouts, but in a cleanser it would just be washed away. It does contain fragrance.

    Skin-Toning Astringent ($3.29 for 8 ounces) is similar to the Oil-Fighting version above and the same comments apply.

    Persa-Gel 5, Regular Strength ($3.49 for 1 ounce) is a very good 5% benzoyl peroxide gel. If you want to try a benzoyl peroxide product, this one would be just fine.

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