Sun and Roaccutane???

Hello all,

I just waned to ask, is it not alloweed for roaccutane users to get exposed to sun? as my doctor had said good sun ( after 4:00) and before (10:00 am)is good for me..
Plz advise :roll

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3 thoughts on “Sun and Roaccutane???

  1. it’s not like its banned or anything, but accutane makes you more sensitive to the sun, therefore u burn faster and worse. so its good that the doctor told u those times, cuz thats when the sun isn’t so intense. remember to wear sunscree, coppertone makes a spray one get the KIDS version of it, it’s non-comedgenic (won’t clog pores)

  2. I learned first hand what 10 minutes in the sun without sunscreen will do to ya this weekend :shock


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