Accutane VS Accetone

Hello guys! I’ve been a lurker for a while but this is the first time for me to post in this forum! I hope you don’t mind!

I am wondering What’s the difference between Accutane and Accetone? I would like to be on Accutane after reading lots of success stories in Absolute Acne then I saw a bottle of liquid named Accetone in the drugstore I frequent! Is Accetone the same as Accutane? How should I apply Accetone on my face? I know that I should dilute the liquid since the bottle says it is pure Accetone but in what ratio? How long does it take to see the result from Accetone?

Please help!

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2 thoughts on “Accutane VS Accetone

  1. 😮 do you mean ‘acetone’ because that is liquid nail polish remover!!! do not put that anywhere near your face, because it will burn the [email protected] out of it! accutane is an oral retinoid that is used for the treatment on severe acne or treatment resistant acne. but no acetone, if thats what you’re talking about, is nail polish remover!!!

  2. Agree with krisi acetone is very bad news!!!!!!!!!!! :no

    I dont even use it as nail polish remover. I always use the acetone free ones.

    Accutane is a medicine that doctors prescribe to patients with severe acne or acne that is not cured by any other treatment. Its pills.

    How is your skin at the moment Sharon?

    Mari :wave

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