Skin Deep book and philosophical view

Hey people id like to ask people what they think of the Skin Deep book and any other psychological techniques (whether from a book etc, or their own discoveries) Ive ordered the book but unfortunately wont get it for a month as im away visiting family right now.

I remeber reading a post ages ago from a guy who said that although he had bad acne, one day he decided not to look in mirrors, go out more and get on with it. One day he looked in the mirror and couldnt believe it, his acne had gone. Maybe he just ‘grew’ out of it; maybe not.

This is interesting as not only do i have acne, but my older sister does too and my father did at our age. However, my sister’s is milder than mine if one takes away any dietary and medical prescriptions i have followed. She has always been less of an anxious and less deeply thinking (sorry sis!) person than me and i wonder if this has something to do with her milder condition, in that she doesnt worry so much.

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4 thoughts on “Skin Deep book and philosophical view

  1. I want to order that book myself too as it seems interesting. I know some people have readed and there is good reviews in the Product Ratings section here in the site for it.

    I think your sis acne is milder could be just a casualty. However if your acne you can tell is triggered by stress then there is reason why you break out. I know and some people have told me their acne is directly related to when they are stressed about something like exams and such. Have you noted a difference in skin when you are not stressed out?

  2. The book is brilliant.. but it is not aimed at teenage acne.. but fopr long-standing, adult, skin diseases, of which acne is one.

  3. I find that many of these unconvential medical theories that stress the dramatic effects of mind over matter to be a bunch of hoohy poowy. I accept the assertions of psychosomatic studies, that is, the connection between mind and body. However, if positive thinking combined with a sanguine disposition toward life could cure disease and cancer with any level of potent consistency, medical journals and the whole premise upon which the medical community bases it’s treatment techniques would undergo a revolution. In reference to acne in particular, I bet just as many light hearted, happy-go-lucky folks suffer with acne as those with a more melancholgy, deep-thinking personality. Therefore, the optimisitic but credulous notion that your acne will improve by adopting a more up-beat attitude will just lead to dissapointment.

  4. This is a good book, if nothing else it makes you think a lot. I would really recommend it-its only $15 (US) and not that expensive either.

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