What food should i take my accuatne with ????????

hi im takiing my accuatne in the morning with breakfast an im wondrin what is the best food to take it with as someone said it works better if you take it with fatty foods??? but i dont eat fatty stuff really ive been takng it with bread? would this be as effective?? what do u take your accuatne with ????

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2 thoughts on “What food should i take my accuatne with ????????

  1. Normally take medicine with milk.. helps absorbtion.

    BUT.. some people think milk/dairy causes acne breakouts.

    i think bread is fine… just so long you have a full stomach.


  2. I usually take accutane with dinner. In the morning i take the vitamins like zinc/B6 and digestive enzimes. Im not sure about bread. Im avoiding it myself as for what has been said of bread and acne but not that I eliminated. If any I prefer to eat integral bread. As for accutane with it I dont think that is a problem.

    Glad to see you sunnydaleboy! :wave

    Mari :girl

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