How do I get rid of lil white heads all over the place

I am presently on minocycline and some other tropical treatment cream, lately my skin has been REAL bad, gettin all this lil tiny white heads on my cheeks and stuff. I dont know whats causing it and the minocyclin doesnt seem to be helping much. I have only been taking it for about a month and a half so maybe thats why. But argh, I use spectrogel and have a tropical treatment that I use after along with 50 mg of minocine twice a day. Anyone know anything that works good that doesnt have negative or harsh side effects

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One thought on “How do I get rid of lil white heads all over the place

  1. Hi, I took minocycline for awhile. First I was on 100mg once a day then all the sudden it just stop working. But it wasn’t working that great in the first place. Then I was put on 100mg twice a day. And still didn’t work but then I started to get headaches everyday and they were horrible. So be careful with minocycline! That stuff can cause some serious side effcts in the end. I was also on Retin-A Micro. But still wasn’t working that well. Your probably breaking out b/c your just beginning the minocycline. So its bringing the stuff to the surface. YUCK! Give it a few weeks to a month and you might see a difference.

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