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Hey guys

I use Oil of Olay Complete Care moisturiser at the moment, however its running out so i need more. However! I read somewhere, i think it was Maya who posted about it ages ago, that they’ve repackaged and added cotton seed oil to the ingredients which can aggrevate acne so i’ve been wondering about the neutrogena moisturisers? I use a lot of neutrogena products (make up & skin care) so just wondered if anyone used the neutrogena moisturiser/s and what they thought of them?

Nat :angel

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18 thoughts on “Neutrogena Moisturisers

  1. I’m using Neutrogena SPF 30 Daily Moisturizer and it’s really really good at covering dry, flaky skin (since you’re on Accutane!). But it also does make skin look a little greasy, if you can stand that. I always blot my face with those blue blotting tissues after putting it on, but I don’t know if you can do that because it might remove the sunscreen as well.

  2. just use smaller amounts so it doesnt look as greasy and u wont need to whip it

  3. Hey thanks guys!

    Im quite annoyed about the Oil of Olay one though cos i find it really good, grr! 😡

    Nat :angel

  4. hey natty!
    personally sweet, i really dont like the neutrogena moisturisers. ive tried about 3 of them, and they were all very shiny and greasy. i mean, the worst shine in my life. ive also tried a couple of their sunscreens, and i really dont like them either. but thats just me. i know paula from paulas choice products really likes their new ultra sheer dry touch spf 30 so maybe thats worth a try> i havent tried that particular one because you can get it in australia. go figure!

  5. hehehe kris, im sorry but u make me giggle when you say about australia not selling stuff after your post in the chatty shack, hehe. Love ya!

    Natty :angel

  6. Oh the love haha! Neutrogena isn’t my ultimate fav either, it made my face shiny, gross shiny….and that’s no good but some ppl swear by it so I dunno maybe it was just me.

    Heather :wave

  7. lol, purepersian 😀

    Have u stealed my “Baby!” on your location thing! You lil thief! 😛

    Natty :angel

  8. i took the :0( off just for you

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    oh well
    yaaawn, what u doin up so late, its nearly 1?
    shouldnt u b gettin ur beauty sleep?

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