Does everyone take Accutane twice a day?

I was wondering about this, because even the package insert says that it is to be divided up into two doses. I’m on 40mg, and my pharmacy gave me 40mg pills. Does anybody else take it just once a day?

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6 thoughts on “Does everyone take Accutane twice a day?

  1. Hey, for the first 2 months of my course I was on 40mg a day and they gave it to me in just one pill as well, I usually took it with supper. Then in my third month my dose increased to 80mg a day and I take two pills, one 40mg at breakfast and one 40mg at supper. I don’t think it matters either way when you’re only on 40mg I’m pretty sure that once you’re on a higher dosage it’s easier on the body to be split up into two times a day so you should be fine! Good luck!

    Heather :crazyeyes

  2. **Taken from alt.skincare.acne newsgroup

    Accutane has a fairly long half-life so it shouldn’t hurt
    if patients fit the dosage schedule to their lifestyle.
    (Drugs with long half-lives do not need to be taken in split
    doses to maintain adequate blood levels). Taking large
    single doses can cause indigestion (hence warning on label
    to take with or after food), so if you want to take it as a
    single dose with a meal, fine. If it causes indigestion,
    split into two doses. Take the larger dose with the larger

    So answer your question, taking it in seperate times is somewhat
    beneficial but will hardly show any noticeable results/change. I
    would say take the medication at the same time. But then again I am
    not saying taking 40mg AM and 20mg PM is bad either.

    –From my personal experience, I’ve taken doses at once with no ill effects.


  3. My doc basically told me not to tak 60mg all at once that would upsep my stomach but I take a 40mg pill at lunch and a 20mg pill for dinner so I don’t see hy it would be a problem because they make a 40mg pill but since they don’t make a 60 mg pill if your dose gets raised I wouldn’t take the 40mg and 20 mg together that will hurt your stomach I did it once not fun. :cry

  4. I had 20mg pills.
    Initially I was on 40 a day and took 2 pills at once. When my dose was raised to 60, I first started spreading it over the day, but when i looked at the pharmacists label it said to take three pills once a day. So, I started doing the three pills at once and had no problems at all.
    Each to their own I say.
    If you feel safer splitting it, then do so, it’s not going to hurt.

  5. for my 1st course, i took 6 10mg pills once a day. Worked well. Didn’t experience any side-effects in doing so (like stomach discomfort etc). Had some of the common side-effects related to Accutane.

    for my current course (the 2nd), i’m taking it twice a day, 20mg each time. Can’t say its working because it’s too soon to tell, but I expect the results to be no different than the first time.

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