good thing to use for flaky skin

ive tried the dhc deep cleansing oil before, and i did like it a lot because it removed all the gross dry skin i had on my face at the time, but i just cant get comfortable with the idea of using oil on my face to cleanse it. i know it works, but i just worry more if i use oily stuff on my face.
anyway, everyone always says that olive oil is the same thing as that cleansing oil (which i never agreed with) so i decided to try it today and see. it worked the same in removing my dead skin cells, which i swear, nothing else had removed. no scrubbing, no moisturiser, no nothing, and it just rubbed them all right off. trying to get rid of the oily residue was hell though. i cleansed like 5 times and the residue is still sorta there but i dont care cos the gross skin cells are gone! its the differin that did it. i got really annoyed with my skin the other day and used it and it burned the heck outta me and made me peel.
so anyway, if you ever really desperately need to remove dead skin and nothing else will work, use the olive oil. takes ages to clean off, but works like a dream!

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One thought on “good thing to use for flaky skin

  1. Hey kristi! Yeah i know, a lot of people recommended the olive oil and i gave it a try but i seemed to break out from it 😕 Hmm, just me thats strange i guess! It did feel nice afterwards though…all nice & smooth.

    Natty :angel

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