sulfur facewash (clenia) ???

anyone using clenia or any sort of product with sulfur in it? i went to the derm on thursday and she gave me samples of it. i googled it and found that it’s for acne rosacea and acne vulgaris. i’m on my 9th week of accutane. doing 20mg/40mg every other day. my face is practically clear. only have a few spots that are lingering. however, i do have all these redmarks ALL OVER. just wondering if anyone is using this and/or seen results with it.


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One thought on “sulfur facewash (clenia) ???

  1. Kate,

    I have not used it, but wouldn’t be afraid to. It offers a complete system by combining two products: foaming face wash and emollient cream. The emollient cream is supposed to maintain the skins natural moisture as well as treat specific lesions. I am sure it would help with the red spots you are experiencing. Give it a try.


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