Vinegar, Lemon Water and Yogurts

Hey guys

Ive been reading people posting about using vinegar and lemon water to treat acne.
I was just wondering, how much do you dilute them? The vinegar and lemon? The lemon is taken internally whilst the vinegar is topical right?

And the yogurt thing…I read Russells post to purepersian about forehead acne being particularly caused by toxins etc. Is the yogurt thing due to the probiotics/good bacteria in it? What kind of yogurt do you need to eat?

Natty :angel

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10 thoughts on “Vinegar, Lemon Water and Yogurts

  1. Would something like Yakult work in the same way? I’ve been taking one of those a day for some time now, and i swear I feel better for it. Can’t tell if they’ve helped my skin or not, because of Accutane, but I like them a lot.
    Yakult contain good bacteria. Is that similar to taking a probiotic?

  2. Yep, i think so emma! I prefer eating the yogurts though! Just cos i like them lol but yep i think it’s the same bacteria/probiotic-y stuff as the yakult!

    Nat :angel

  3. How many yogurts do you think you’d need to eat a day to balance the bacteria? just the one?

    And the lemon water?

    Natty :angel

  4. With the Lemon Water Nat….
    I think you could just add a slice to each of your glasses of water throughout the day, and sip as you normally would.
    Are you drinking at least 8 tall glasses a day, young lady!! ??? 😀
    I don’t much like the taste of lemon in water actually. Whenever I have water with a meal in a restaurant, it drives me mad when they add a slice of lemon without asking! 😡
    Going to have to start grinning and bearing it though.
    Note to self: Must go to M&S when back in work on Tuesday and buy lemons to keep in office!! Must get stricter with myself!!

  5. with the yogurt young lady you should try and eat Bio yogurt…thats the yogurt with the LIVE bacteria in it so its more affective.
    and i would have thought 1 medium sized yogurt pot would be more than enough for 1 day :crazyeyes

  6. Yeah thats what it is, bio yogurt.

    Why are you all calling me young lady?! What have i done?! lol

    Natty :angel

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