Accutane and skin fragility/scarring/Glycolic Peels???

Just wanted to let everyone know that scarring whilst on Accutane may not be as bad as derms etc. indicate…

Last summer, right in the middle of my 4th high-dose cycle of Accutane, I injured my face. I was wakeboarding and, long-story-short, I got smacked in the face by the board during a tumble. The cut was under my right eye and needed stitches (or so we all thought). {Side note: the cut looked really cool = it was big and star shaped and bled a lot 😉 } Well, you’d think from the prestitching and stitching periods AND the fact that I was on a heavy dose of Accutane, that I was going to have a large, crazy-looking scar. This was not the case (much to my dissapointment 😉 ). The scar healed nice and flat and was barely noticeable a month after having the stitches removed. And now, less than a year later, you can only see the scar when I scrunch-up my face or smile etc. I don’t mind scars from activities and living life, they’re welcomed; as opposed to acne scars which, well, you all feel the same as I about those.

Just wanted to let all know my story as some might be wondering about scarring from acne or accidents etc. I should also note that I have had a horrible tendency towards keliodal scarring (very ugly, rasied, discolored, large scars) since childhood. I have scars from injuries that I received as an infant and young child that are still large and very bad looking. Despite this tendency towards bad scarring, my facial scar while on Accutane was minscule at best!

So for those of you with potential scarring etc., you may just be ok!!

ALSO, to MARI etc. ..
I am currently on my fifth (low-dose/long-term) cycle of Accutane and I am considering Glycolic Peels whilst I am on it. Has anyone tried this etc.

I read your other post about this but saw no other replies etc. regarding success stories etc. Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Best of luck to all!

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