No more acne on THIS diet

Hi. My name is Wai Genriiu. I have been suffering from severe cystic acne for years, both as a teenager and as an adult. I have found a way to become 100% clear of acne and also live a much healthier life and stay slim without ANY cellulite. Unbelievable ? It’s up to you to determine if this is true or not. You can try it. This method is a healthy change in diet.

I have a backgroud in Human Biochemistry. This diet is the result of doing an extensive research about the relation between diet and the skin, but the more scientific studies I read (mostly financed by pharmaceutical companies), the more I discovered that ‘they’ very well know the causes of major diseases, which they publicly pretend not to know.

Acne is caused by the combination of a high sebum production and pinched off sebum canals. If the pinching off of sebum canals is eliminated, you will get NO new pimples whatsoever.

Most foods contain such substances that make the skin pinch off sebum canals. And if you have a high sebum production, this will lead to acne.

Because most foods contain such acne-causing substances, it is very hard to tell what food exactly caused that new pimple you get.

How can YOU eliminate YOUR acne ?

By consuming ONLY these foods during at least two weeks (nothing else):

Loads of well-ripened fresh fruits; as much as you want (including some raw Brazil nuts or raw Macadamia nuts; nuts that you buy in the shell)

A tomato-cucumber-avocado-chives salad covered with lots of extra virgin olive oil

Some sashimi (=sushi without rice) from fish that has NOT been in the freezer, but first read this OR fresh raw egg yolks.

The sample diet is explained in more details here :

Once you’re 100% clear, after the 2 weeks on the sample diet, you can experience with munch foods as I will explain later.

You can find testimonies here :


If you want access to more details on the link between acne and diet you can consult FOR free my No More Cellulite No more Acne book which can be read on-line, ALL OF IT :

Note From Admin: Took out where it said she will answer questions in this thread per the last post she made. I’d like to thank the person that posted this for sharing the diet with us, only next time please add a note that you are only somone representing wai. (This just shows how strongly some people feel about how much this diet has helped them)The next post on here is in fact her.

If you do want to give it a try, share your experience with us ! You will find great encouragement on this board.

And this DIET works for BOTH men and women !

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6 thoughts on “No more acne on THIS diet

  1. Welcome Wai to! :wave I have heard about this diet you suggest from absolute board and know you are compromised with the acne cause. Congratulations and look forward to hear more about this diet.

    Mari 😀

  2. well, wai i decided to try out your diet. today is my first day on your diet. so far, all i ate are two apples. i have a question: can we eat vegetables too, or is it just fruits..
    ok, will see how this works…
    i think it might work..

  3. I read in one of your responses to a testimonial on your website that working out causes sebum production, and thus acne. Is there anyway to overcome this? I stopped working out regularly last year, but I would like to get back into it, and what you said about the corralation it has with bad skin is most concerning. Any advice?

  4. I wanted to start working out again but wasnt sure if I would break me out ive been clear just by using a st ives scrub which keep the dead cells and pores clear but I want to try this diet :oops and so far ive only eaten a salad with tomatoes :shock and olive oil!

  5. Working out wont make you break out more (if anything it will clear your acne, if you notice an “inital breakout” its because working out helps you get rid of toxins making your acne better. However, if you touch your face while working out it could casue some problems. (excessive amounts of bacteria can be on equipment at gyms) When you are done its a good idea to rinse your face in cold water or do your daily clense at that time. Make sure you get plenty of water and you will be fine.

    While on the Wai diet make sure you eat about a ego sized piece of fish, 4 eggs, or about a cup and a half of nuts when you are done with your workout to get enough protien to rebuild your muscules (about 20grams)

    Good luck with this thing man.. let me know how it goes.. Im doing a gluten dairy free.. but not nearly as restrictive as this.. but this sounds like a very good plan. :rock

  6. uhrr, in contradiction to the initial post, I actually don’t have time to answer questions in this board (I generally even have too little time to answer private mail), but you can find almost any question about the diet answered in our own Acne Bulletin Board ( that is totally dedicated to the diet:

    My partner RRM and I frequently visit it to answer ALL questions.

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