Wow!! Vit C and DHT?

Hey people i posted a while ago about mucusless diet which cleared me but since i have exams at moment was kind of hard to stick to. However, because i didnt want to get sick during exam time i have been taking a vitamin C supplement that has bioflavonoids too (anyone from england it’s Holland and Barrett 1000mg non timed release) and within maybe 3 weeks it’s really clearing my skin, it looks very ‘radiant’ too (sorry to sound like a L’oreal advert)

I read on the net somewhere before thatr vitamin C can block the activity of the enzyme alpha-5-reductase which allows testosterone to be converted into evil DHT and so acne. The enzyme is much more present in the skin of acne-sufferers so maybe in some cases vitamin c can at least tackle some of the root cause.

Also ive been under quite a bit of stress as its my 2nd yr degree exams and i was eating sugary cereal, lots of starches etc too and i only came up with a few pimples that are starting to go now im not stuffing my face (food has big effect on my skin). I am trying to eat a bit more mucusless too which definitely helps. So thanks to these vitamins (i upped the dose to 10g a day divided up i.e. 10x 1000mg. This works very well) i am really looking forward to the holidays. Also like B5 vitamin C is water soluble so you can tell if youre taking to much if you get diarrhea. You may have expensive urine too :lol i have no probs so far though.

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4 thoughts on “Wow!! Vit C and DHT?

  1. Hey lilmisshobbit

    I like your quote!

    So basically you take vit C tablets/capsules (whatever they are!) How much do you take? Is it cheaper than B5? (for example, because i know thats a reason why a lot of people quit the B5 – the cost)

    Nat :angel

  2. Hi Nat

    yep its very cheap about £3 to £4 a week! im very pleased cos even when i was totally clear before with mucusless my skin wasnt like this. i have a few small pimples from pigging out so much and exam stress but other than that it’s great, very smooth and even and pores on me cheeks have shrunk. i will definitely stick with this.

    ps. i noticed lots of people have read my post but only you replied. Mayb cos it’s vit C people think its not going to do much? i know we’re all different but it’s definitely worked well for me :angel

  3. Hi lilmisshobbit,

    I have tried megadosing on vitamin C in the past (10g+ per day), and I agree, it can do wonders for your skin. I had almost perfect skin whilst taking large quantites of vitamin C. However, after a while, I started to develop pains in my kidney, and I am sure it was because of the vitamin C I was taking. I went for a check-up and I was told that I had traces of blood in my urine. I stopped taking the vitamin C and the pains went away shortly after. Now, I’m not saying vitamin C is dangerous to take, just that I advise you not to overdo it.

    Take care,


  4. i take vit c tablets, 1 a day and then 2 zinc tablets a day, just started today as the vitimin woman said it will help heal skin and clear the marks

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