Skin products on your cabinet

Okay guys its been a while we dont have a poll, so Im throwing one here.

I used to have lots of skin product/acne stuff in my bathroom cabinet and a drawer accumalted over the years of the many stuff I have tried. I used to throw some of them away as I bought new ones or give the products to my mum but I always felt bad about it. How many skin products aprox you got in your shelf now?

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9 thoughts on “Skin products on your cabinet

  1. If you have 10+ products pm me. I will give $5 to all who add 10 items in the Product Ratings/Acne Treatment section. If you add your regimen in the Skin Care section that will count for one.

    Mari 😀

  2. You should have had a category for me that said “10++++++….” items. Oh, boy. :crazyeyes

  3. Next I’d like you to ask, “how many of them actually work??”

    For me, about 10%. Im sure most actually do *something* but just what that something is, I dont have a clue! Blah!

  4. At long last I don’t have too many anymore.
    If we’re just talking facial…I have 4 products only, because i’ve found things that are gentle, non-irritating and seem to work. Just 2 face washes, one AHA toner, and a moisturiser.

  5. oh my god! mari, seriously, i have about 100 in the cupboard in my new house alone! plus the other 100 at my mums house! ill add them in asap!

  6. Yes Kristi Im serious about this. For each 10 products/treatments added I will give $5. Must check the items are not repeated. I will pay through paypal. So start adding kristi! 😀

  7. Apart from a bit of concealer and isotrexin at night , to any1 from england i only use Sainsburys (yes!) Perform and Protect facial WASH (not the lotion)- its brilliant and really cheap- like £2.50!

  8. lilmishobbit,
    that’s interesting about the sainsbury’s wash. have you ever tried the ‘Witch’ range of products? they’re really nice, and not too dear. superdrug carry them.

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