WASHING LESS – improvements – also for people with oily face

hey guys i was really interested in don othing method but i ALWAYS get acne every day..im so sick of it
anywayz so the past few days i was washing my face only at night with the neutrogena cleanser.and in the morning and during the day i splash it with water…and it looks soo much better..so im thinking of just using the mild neutrogena soap..do u guys think thats a better idea?

and for people with oily face…i think your face will become less oily if you stick to this..dont immediately do nothing after tons of chemicals..but wash ur face less like once a day..and stop putting chemicals on..and your face will be less oily..it wont be like other’s right away..but improvements will be seen
so should i wash it with the mild soap twice a day or once aday
im afraid il start getting many zits every day again

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2 thoughts on “WASHING LESS – improvements – also for people with oily face

  1. Hmm… The do nothing method helped me alot, I saw a large change in my skin once I cut out all the harsh chemicals, although I never really felt that just splashing it with water was removing all that oil and dirt and everything from my skin, so I use a clenser twice a day.

    That’s just me though, and unfortunately everyone’s skin is different 🙁

  2. I think the most important to wash is at night cause you really dont want to sleep with the dirt of the day. The morning if it still works for you then just splashing would be okay. To me even now after accutane I still need to wash face twice a day. If the cleansor is mild it wont hurt.

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