something to think about…

I find this extremely odd:

When i look at acne, i must be honest – i immediatley think of bad hygene. I for some reason relate the two right away, thinking that the person may be dirty and a scrub in order to their face to have pimples (and im sure alot of you on this board, even if you do not want to admit it, agree with that).

But if you think about it – acne sufferers who try to get rid of it are probably some of the cleanest people because we make such an effort to clean ourselves as much as often.

Like – i have a friend who has 100 % clear complexion and doesnt wash his face, showers like once every 2 days and get this… i know this is gross but i think he doesnt wipe his ass. Thats nasty.

…Im sorry if this doesnt make sence, and im sorry if i have offended anybody in any way. I did not mean it in that way if i did offend you.

I will re-post this messege in this thread when im sober. lol.

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One thought on “something to think about…

  1. Yeah inhipint thats how its looked unfortunatetly, thats one of the crosses to bear when you have acne. Would you date a girl with acne??

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