Best products? Recommendations needed!!

Hey all. I just started my Accutane treatment today. I was wondering what kind of products everyone uses and what you would recommend? So far, I am armed with Aquaphor for my lips, Cetaphil facial lotion (with SPF), jojoba oil once the dryness starts, and am taking vitamin E and C and also flax seed oil. I am still not sure what to do for a cleanser. I was thinking that Noxzema sensitive would be great if I could find it anywhere! I used it as a teenager and it was super gentle while moisturizing.

Are there any products that have absolutely been your savior? Or any tips in general? My derm. actually said that it would be ok to spot treat! I couldn’t believe it. While I am using a dab of bp on pimples right now, I just read on another board where an esthetician recommended that Accutane users spot treat with a mix of aloe vera gel, tea tree oil, and lavender oil. I am wondering what concentrations should be used, will probably look into that.

All replies appreciated! :mrgreen

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  1. You sound like your ready for your course! But for a cleanser I use Oil of Olay Foaming face wash for Sensitive skin. Its non-comdegenic, 100% oil, fragerence, soap free and wont clog pores. I like it. But you could also try Purpose Cleanser, there is also something called Basis Cleanser that is suppose to be very gentle. You could get these anywhere. But just go to the store and look for something for very sensitive skin and that is 100% oil, fragrence and soap free, and non-comedegenic. Hope that helps GOOD LUCK! 😀

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