Back/chest/neck acne

Hey everyone 🙂

Is back and chest acne really common with acne on the face? Just, i never used to get back and chest acne, EVER, and i thought i was in the minority just having it on the face. However, i’ve since got it on back and chest 🙁 and ive also noticed now that a lot of people do actually only just have it on their face, grrrr, would have to be me wouldnt it! I think its starting on my neck now as well…what the hell is going on?? 😕

What can be done to stop back/chest acne? Anyone!

lilnat :lilangel

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7 thoughts on “Back/chest/neck acne

  1. I had of that lilnat and I know how that bugs!!

    When my derm prescribed me once Ortho Try Cyclen bc pills all back chest acne completetly dissappeared. Like magic. Once I left them it came back, not as much tho. Now on accutane it dissapeared again 😀

  2. I have back acne as well and the antibiotics that I am taking that contain tretracycline only seem to work for my face (and partially), nevertheless what it really helps is first of all of course not to pick because it spreads really fast, not like the face but if you pick at acne in your body because of the clothes you wear and because you are constantly in contact with your bed/chair etc.. it may infect the rest. I don’t know if it actually has something to do but that made a difference for me. What also helps is the sun, it dries them really fast..
    I read somewhere else something about soaking in water with epsom salt, but I havn’t tried it myself.

    Hope this helps

  3. I have no idea!!!

    I guess you could use regular salt, but I really don’t know :oops

  4. I found that when I was on my course of Minocin, my back/chest acne cleared up about two weeks into my therapy, that was when I was only taking 150mg a day.

    I also washed my back with Cetaphil and that did the trick. I always wondered why I had it on all three places, but things cleared up.

    A medium dosage of an antibiotic (if Cetaphil alone doesn’t take care of it) may take care of it. Minocin may do the trick, oh, and it will get rid of neck acne easily too.

    good luck

  5. Thanks guys for your replies 🙂

    It just worries me because ive never had to put up with back and chest acne before…just face, which was bad enough on its own! I have no idea why all of a sudden this has happened 🙁

    Anyone know if regular salt would help?

    Mike, i was on minocin a few years ago but became resistant to it!!


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