Severe Gram Negative Folliculitis is what they tell me…

I went in for cortizone shots, but didn’t get them. Instead I came out with 2 new prescriptions and even more to worry about.

Apparently I have SGNF, or one of the more severe strings of acne. Good to know.

I am now using Duac, Bactrim, and Tazorac now. I am in pretty rough shape. If you only have a few pimples and a little redness, be glad you are not me.

Gram-negative folliculitis is an inflammation of follicles that may occur as a complication of long-term antibiotic treatment of severe acne vulgaris. Folliculitis is an inflammation of follicles caused by infection with bacteria. In Gram-negative folliculitis, the bacteria are of a type that is often resistant to many antibiotics. Gram-negative folliculitis may appear as a sudden inflammatory flare-up of pustular or cystic acne during the course of long-term antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics that are effective against Gram-negative bacteria will probably have to be used in treatment of Gram-negative folliculitis. Treatment should be by a dermatologist or under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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2 thoughts on “Severe Gram Negative Folliculitis is what they tell me…

  1. My derm and I discussed it yesterday. I am going to remain on tazorac, duac(updated version of Benzaclin: it’s less irritating but still very effective) and bactrim(strong antibiotic) until the 15th of Jan.

    The reaction I had (SGNF) has been suspectedly linked to an unsanitary comedone remover, not ceasing an antibiotic like is commonly found. We figured this out because the only area I broke out in was the area I used the tools in. No more tool using.

    My form of Severe Gram Negative Folliculitis is not as severe as some case studies I have found, thankfully.

    It is so weird though, my forehead, sides of head, and cheeks are about 95% clear, than all hell breaks loose in the lower center region of my face.

    Accutane is the #1 recommended treatment for SGNF, so you weren’t off at all with recommending that, come JAN 15th I’ll know if I am going on it.

    I do hope that the topicals I am on are going to do the job though, Tazorac has overall been effective and this Duac is actually very nice.

    Thankfully, I am better than yesterday, with a lot of the lesions drying up due to Tazorac and this mornings Duac.

    Hopefully this Severe Gram Negative Folliculitis drama is only an isolated incident, I know I’ll have to be much more careful with how I treat myself.

    The only very noticeable wound that remains from yesterday’s rampage is one massive pustule, not a cyst, on the left side of my face, seriously it is the size of a marble. I want to pop it, but that would be the worst idea ever.

    Anyway, one day has made a difference and I am so glad I went to see my derm yesterday, 3 times in 3 weeks that makes it.

    Oh well, done rambling, I have a lot of stuff going on tonight to attend to.

    Thanks for reading, hopefully my experience prevents anyone from doing any harm.


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