Head hair acne

I keep getting acne on the side and back of my head under the hair.
Is there any way to help prevent this? I already wash my hair everyday…
not sure what else I could do.


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One thought on “Head hair acne

  1. Hi Charles 😀 ,
    You didn’t say what brand of shampoo or conditioner you are using right now. It is always possible that the product you are using to wash your hair every day with has a perfume or other ingredient in it that you are sensitive to, and that is why you are breaking out right now on your scalp.

    You could buy a dandruff type shampoo and try washing your hair with this type of shampoo for a change because I have read that scalp acne can be stopped by using this type of shampoo. I remember that Mari is using a shampoo of this type but I cannot remember which one she is using. Maybe she will post and let you know what she has found works for her.

    The other possibility is that you are using a styling mousse or a styling gel that has an ingredient in it that is causing the acne. I know I have had the experience where a mousse caused my face to break out where my hair touched my face, and in the hair near my temples.

    Another thing that could be causing the acne on your scalp (this is more of a long shot) could be the detergent you are using to wash your bed linen (pillowcases). Clothes detergents that have perfume or dyes in them can cause acne on sensitive people.

    Then again a hat you are wearing now could contain a chemical in the finish on the fabric that could be causing the acne on your scalp. This is especially possible if you just got a new hat and the acne started after you got the hat.

    I hope you are able to figure out what is causing your problem.

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