Has anyone tried Zenmed??


My derm has suggested I go on Accutane but I am frightened by the potential side effects. I started surfing the web for alternative acne cures and stumbled upon Zenmed. This product claims that it cures acne through oriental herbs to balance hormones and detox and cleanse internal organs, with a topical cleanser and cream. I would like to know if the claims are just some hokus pokus or does it work? Thanks, TG

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One thought on “Has anyone tried Zenmed??

  1. I tried the herbs (not the skin care part of the regime) only. I didn’t find that it cleared me totally. It may have helped somewhat….but I don’t think it did any better than regular blood cleansing herbs like Red Clover, Burdock root, Yellow Dock, etc…..At least not for me, anyway. But hey….it may work for you!

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