hey guys PLEASe give me good advice on whether i shold take accutane or no BUT please read my situatoin as well

i am turning 19 very soon
battled acne for about 4 years now..its not cystic and horrifying but my face can get pretty red with acyst here and there and tons tons of red spots… so anywayz i used proactive which helped..but chemicals were making face too i went to just a neutrogena wash..also i have 10 MG accutane tablets here..which i was so close to taking SO many times.. the summer im going on a long vacation..jsut with a friend.. and one whole month il be swimming and out on the sun
so i dont know how much i will be affected if i take accutane..
also..would it be a better idea to take it when i get back? or just start it really sick of acne as im sure many of u are…but after years of healthy dieting..exercising..i dont deserve a face like this..
what do u guys suggest?
thanx a lot!

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2 thoughts on “ADVICE – PLEASE!!!

  1. If you really feel you want to get rid of your acne you should take accutane but only after you come back from vacation the sun can really damage your skin while on accutane.

  2. I agree with Shauna, but also want to add….don’t take it without a Derm supervising you – you must be monitored throughout your course. Don’t self-administer…please.

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