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Hey! :wave

I was just wondering what mascara everyone uses? I use Maybelline Great Lash (waterproof), but i think i want a change, been using this one for years! Anyone know of any good ones? Im in the uk! £10 or below cos im on a christmas budget!! 😀

lilnat :lilangel

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  1. Makeup chat.. love it!!! 😀

    I use always mascaras that I get from cosmetic offers like Clinique or Estee Lauder, the lines which i buy most. There is one I like from Loreal called Feather Lash that I think is pretty good and is cheap! :wink

    Mari :mrgreen

  2. I’m a makeup junkie and have tried everything on the planet. I still say that Maybelline makes the best mascaras. I only use Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof. I’ve gone astray and cheated a few times…oh yeah bay-bay….. :no :crazyeyes But I always come back to my senses! I think it’s the best mascara I’ve ever tried and it’s cheap. Most makeup artists think that Maybelline makes the best mascaras. I tend to agree.

  3. Maybeline. I have used it for forever and have tried many of the more expensive brands. But this one is the best. So I have to agree with Denise. You can get it at Wallgreens for under 5.00 most of the time. Cheap to!


  4. Thanks guys 🙂

    Yeah, i like maybelline too, what do you reckon is best? The great lash one i am using now, or the volume express that denise suggested? Help! Gonna go get some tomorrow!

    As for foundations, might look for a new one of those too! I use neutrogena liquid foundation at the moment, what does everyone else use? I want something that covers well and wont break me out! (obviously!) Anyone know anything about that new-ish one by rimmel? Cant remember what its called but Kate Moss does the advertising for it? lol

    Does anyone know the address to that site where make up products are reviewed and it tells you the comdegenic ratings and stuff? Paula something or other? Not sure!
    lilnat :lilangel

  5. Hey Lilnat; here’s the link you want:

    This is Sage Skin Care’s site. Their lists of safe foundations and concealers has revolutinized my life. I too have used Neutrogena (on their list) and one I just recently tried that makes your skin smooth and matte looking and provides good coverage is Clinique’s Clarifying makeup. It has some good oil-absorbers in it. I like it very much. I’ve tried the Profaces liquid to powder make-up and that makes your skin look like silk! The only problem is that even though I got the lightest shade, it doesn’t match my skin exactly. But it’s good also.

    I think you might want to try the Volume Express if you want some really good length to your lashes. It’s not clumpy or cakey either, until it starts getting old. It’s my favorite mascara of all time! 😀

    Happy shopping!

  6. Hey denise

    Thanks a lot, was it you who said you were a make up junkie? I can tell! Just jokin! 😀 Thanks! Im off to get some volume express tomorrow!
    Im not sure if i’ll change foundation or not (lack of money due to xmas, lol), but thanks for giving me the link to that site for future reference!
    Out of interest, how bad is your skin denise? Just wondered!

  7. Yeah Denise I have antother question for’ya

    Is it better waterproof mascaras than non waterproof mascaras? I heard it was better to use not waterproof as they are easier to get off that way like lashes doesnt fall off. Is that true?

    Mari :angel

  8. Hey Mari!

    I use waterproof, non waterproof is just too dodgy in english weather! If you use an eye make up remover water proof is fine! n none of my lashes fall out! Love waterproof!!


  9. Lilnat: If I did absolutely NOTHING to my skin and ate the average American diet, my acne would be out of control and raging. I can kinda sorta for the most part keep it under control with diets, supplements, and Retin A and peels. But it can be horrible. The sad thing is I’m 38 and this has been going on forever. I know that for me a lot of it is food related. I’m kinda sick of it all to be honest with you. But…..I’m not willing to go on Accutane so that is how the mop flops I guess. Currently, I have active acne that is somewhat under control. I’m trying the Manuka honey products and really love the way they are leaving my skin so far (just got ’em). What I’m really curious about though is the Manuka oil being taken internally (to work as a natural anti-biotic). I’ll see how that goes and let everyone know.

    Mari: Waterproof mascara is the ONLY kind I wear! I have no problem taking it off with regular cleanser AT ALL. I used to use Biore’ foaming cleanser, but I switched to the Sage Skin Care facial wash for sensitive skin as it is aloe based and without harsh irritants and pore cloggers. And my mascara comes off with NO PROBLEM at all! I always found when I started wearing mascara as a teen that it would smudge and cake, so I switched to waterproof and have never gone back. And for the most part, it really isn’t any issue to take off at all with the right cleanser. And I wear contacts, so I have to be careful with make-up removers, which I DON’T use. The Maybelline comes off with no problems with regular cleansers.

  10. I have tried them all…from Channel to Covergirl. My favorite by far is Maybeline Lash Discovery. I use the waterproof kind. It is EXCELLENT!!! Makes your lashes long and very defined! It is around $7 I think…maybe you could find it a smidge cheaper. What doesn’t come off w/soap and water comes off w/just a dab of Jojoba Oil and a tissue. Really good stuff!

  11. Denise, i got some volume express! Its very nice! 😀 Got it cheaper as well cos there must have been some sort of offer or something! Woohoo!!

    Hey girls, does anyone know if liquid eyeliner is better than a normal eye pencil? Is liquid harder to use? I wanna try some i think! But im really bad with the pencils so if liquid is harder to use i might end up looking a lil messy!!

    lilnat :lilangel

  12. I personally prefer a pencil over liquid so I can have a smudged look. But I’m tempted to try Smashbox’s gel liner. You can smudge it and it doesn’t budge all day long, supposidly. But you apply it with a brush. Right now I’m using Nars’ pencils and really like them as they have incredible staying power as well. I like their colors a lot! I have green eyes and their green pencil is beautiful, and their black has tiny gold flecks in it. I really dig these pencils a lot, and they stay better than even the “long lasting” drug store ones.

  13. Oh yeah, Lil….SO GLAD you liked the Maybelline! I LOVE IT! Isn’t it wonderful? Man, it REALLY brings out your lashes, BIGTIME! 😀 :mrgreen 8) :wink

  14. I think Im gonna get of those Maybeline then 😀

    Denise how about eye shadows? Any you prefer in particular?

    Mari 8)

  15. Mari, I *LOVE* Stila’s eyeshadows! They stay on fantastic but here’s the trick! If you put on some of Benefit’s eye primer first, they will stay all day long without creasing! NO JOKE! I wouldn’t dream of putting on my make-up without the Benefit. I do generally find that even with the eye primer, though, that cheaper make-ups will crease quickly. Therefore, out of the drugstore brands, in my EVER SO HUMBLE OPINION, the prettiest with the best staying power are Almay’s. Their “Beyond Powder” eyeshadows have a technology whereby they really do stay on a lot longer because they are “liquid wrapped”. I assume that means they are water and not oil based. Now I have green eyes, so I look for things that make my eyes POP! Here’s what looks really pretty on me and makes my eyes REALLY REALLY GREEN and REALLY REALLY SPARKLE:

    Almay’s duo, “Desert Sunset”. This is a silvery taupe that is probably one of the prettiest eyeshadows I’ve ever tried. I’m addicted to this color. It’s GORGEOUS.

    The prettiest GOLDEN shade is by Urban Decay and it’s called YDK. It’s a shimmery golden brown color that really makes my eyes pop with the green liner pencil from Nars. I love this color.

    For cool colors, I love Stila’s “Diamond Lil”….prettiest silvery grey you ever saw. Her “irma la douce” is a green that is beautiful too. I put it on my lid, line my eyes with eyeshadow wet (with a brush), then put a bit of gold in the crease. Subtle, and beautiful on green eyes with black mascara (the only color I wear).

    I have tried a lot of Drugstore brands, but with the exception of Almay and Revlon’s quads (I like “Overtime Shadow” in mauves), I find that they crease way too soon, even with the eye primer by benefit.

    I’ve played around a lot to see what colors work best on me, and these are the colors I keep coming back to. I prefer neutral colors and golds and taupes, but sometimes wear mauves and whatnot. As long as they are blended well, almost any color works. I’m very fair too, and a “summer”, so actually, pinks, mauves, and whatnot usually look good on me. It’s funny, I did something I never do today! I wore purple in my eye crease (wore pink) and two men at church complimented me. One said, “You look beautiful”! The other said, “Hey, pretty lady”. Both of these men are good friends, btw….but I do know that purples and pinks can make green eyes pop too. I was wearing this PHAT lip gloss by Revlon though….may have had something to do with it. OMIGOSH! Have you guys tried that new LipGlide by Revlon! PHEW! I LOVE THAT STUFF. I was wearing “patent leather pink”….beautiful pretty pink shade, that stuff. Saying all that to say that while I like neutrals, sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone and playing around with color can draw attention to us and draw compliments in the most unexpected places, LOL! :lol 😀 :oops :wink

  16. Hehehe denise, love your make up dontcha!! 😀

    Know anything about what suits blue eyed girls well?!

    As far as eyeshadow goes i use the rimmels, in romance and inspiration, im always on a budget! Those colours are shimmery so even though they’re cheaper they look ok without creasing. Got loads more too but they’re the colours i use most, they’re quite natural! I like shimmery eyeshadows!
    And i always use an eyelash curler to cuuuuuuuuurl!! i have crap eyelashes without mascara and a bit of help with the curl!

    Eyeliner! Oh man! I like to wear it but im so crap at applying it! I use pencils thats why i was asking about the liquid, i might get some and try it anyway, after all, its christmas! (i can ignore my cash flow prob for a few days, hehe 😀 ) Im so bad at applying it though, maybe i have wobbly hands or something! And i never get how you can apply it to the top eyelid, it just makes it look like i have a line going across my eyelid…LOL n as for the bottom eyeline! Where do you put yours? Just below your eye, like on the eyeline? Or as a line across where your bottom eyelashes are? Sorry im also crap at explaining! lol….need help with this eyeliner stuff! :shock

    If i didnt have make up, id have to be a hermit! spots, crappy eyelashes, id be PLAIN!! So glad im woman!! 😀

  17. Gee Lil…what makes you think I love my makeup? :lol 😛 :wink

    I don’t mess with liquid eyeliner that much so I don’t know what to tell you. I would say that you should get as close to the lash line as possible for the most natural look.

    A trick for easily applying pencils is to warm the pencil in the palm of your hand first, or to breathe on it. Funny sounding I know, but it really works. When I got my Nars pencils, the chick at Sephora told me this. That way, you’re not tugging at your eye.

  18. Hey ladies!


    Thought id bring this to the top again! Poor thread got pushed to bottom, hehe.
    Im so broken out…Dont even want make up on me at the moment!

    Denise! I tried the eyeliner tip, been practising, hey! think im gettin somewhere!

    lilnat 😀

  19. Oh lilnat thanks for bringing this up. I actually didnt have read that very insightful post from Denise with the eyeshadows. Denise my eyes are kind of greenish too, they are brown to green like color of olives. With different lights/sunlight the green shows more intense. Would those eye shawdow colors you use would work for me too? That was a great post!

    Denise what do you think of Paula Begoun? Just curious.. 😀

    Mari :flirt

  20. :wave

    Hehe Mari, yep that eyeshawdow post by Denise was good! I dont even know what colour my eyes are! They’re blue, but sorta green as well!! :scratch

    Denise, you were right about the pencil eyeliner being better than liquid, i think i’ve got the hang of pencil properly now, n it looks good! 😀 So not gonna bother with the liquid! Save my money! hehe.

    Hey, i think that this emoticon > :girl was made for denise, hehe, make up expert! 😀

    lilnat :angel

  21. Oh n hey Mari! I like this one! :flirt Never saw it before til you used it in your last post!!

  22. You girls are so cute!

    Mari: I think you would probably look really good in the same colors I wear. They do bring out the green in your eyes. Where do you live? I know you’re not American. Do you have access to American products? A lot of people comment on my eyes. I think partly too it’s because I have very long eyelashes, kinda like Sarah Michelle Gellar, the Buffy the Vampire slayer girl. My eyes aren’t the same color as hers, but she has really long eyelashes, so I think people notice that a lot.

    Anyway, you can always go to Sephora’s site and peruse different product lines but the only problem is that you cannot go by the colors they show on their site; they are never the same in person. But, another color combo is the tony&tina “romance and happiness” eyeshadow duo. It’s like a beautiful gold color and pink. This stuff stays on 8-10 hours! (

    Who is Paul Begoin?

    Lil; glad that the eye pencil thing is working for you. I think if you have blue/green eyes, the above colors would probably work for you. Since you are on a budget, if you have access to American products, in particular the Almay duo I mentioned, it’s only like 3 bucks and some change here, you oughta try it; it would look beatuiful on you.

    That Almay color I mentioned above is by far the prettiest yet subtle shade I’ve ever tried. I love that shade!!!!!

    O.K….the make-up diva has spoken! :mrgreen :girl :flirt :yup

  23. I feel depressed just reading all the posts on this thread – i hardly even wear makeup – I wouldn’t know where to begin. 😕

    All the makeup I have is just a pot of concealer, 1 lancome blush and 1 lancome face powder and 1 mascarra!

  24. Hey, I love Boujois mascaras and shadows. But the only make up ill let near my skin is Clinique. I dont like their acne products but the make up line is fantastic, oh and Clinique also makes the ONLY lipstick in the whole wide world that i like! LOL. If they ever discontinue my colour im sure i wont know what to do!!!

    Went out this morning for coffee with some family members and i was looking pretty good, thanks to the above mentioned products, hehe. Isnt make up just the most wonderful invention ever??

    i love make up, particularly mascara. Unfortunately i dont have naturally long lashes so mascara is the only thing that is an absolute MUST for me, i simply CANNOT go anywhere without mascara on, NO WAY!!!

  25. Yeah, but Maya, you PROBABLY DON’T NEED IT!!!

    I’m a very fair anglo chick who looks very washed out with no makeup!

  26. I love Makeup but am able to use less and less lately so I am happy but there are 3 things I can’t live without. Mascara and lip gloss. I like everything made by Lancome Paris. Have you ladies ever had a facial? I had my very first one about a month ago and it really makes your skin look and feel lovely. I am going to treat myself once a month to a facial they will even extract any imperfections like whiteheads etc….I was afraid to do it at first ashamed of all of my acne scars but after it was done my skin really glowed and all the scarring was much less noticable. For days afterwards. Give it a shot!


  27. Nadia…I think that Clinique’s Skin Clarifying foundation is one of the best in the world! It’s PERFECT for acne-prone skin! It has all those oil-absorbers in it and makes your face matte and keeps it fresh for hours. And…IT DOESN’T BREAK YOU OUT!!! It’s very, very good. And I’ve tried all kinds of foundations, but I think that their skin clarifying foundation is probably my new favorite. 😀

    I’ve never had a professional facial but I do give myself facials. I’d like to one day, though. I tend to be one of those people who do everything for myself….including manicures and pedicures. People look at my toes and nails and ask where I get them done and I’m like….AT HOME! :mrgreen

    To do my own facial I start out with steaming my face over slow boiling water with chamomile and red clover tea bags. I do that for 5-10 minutes. Then, I’ll do a mask, then I’ll do some kind of treatment and then moisturize.

    It really makes a difference.

  28. Actually! Forgot what i was gonna ask!
    Denise! I wear eyeliner in blue and black, never tried brown, but not sure if it would suit me? Thought it might be something only certain people, eg with dark hair and eyes can wear? Im a blonde! with bluey/green eyes!

  29. Hey Lil…I’m blonde/green eyed also. I’d say that you should go with whatever you feel comfortable with. I think that you might want to try a green pencil, though. They are generally very dark, but kind of sparkly and add an UMPH to your eyes and make them POP.

    I sometimes wear a lighter brown with the golden type color eyeshadows I wear, but in all honesty, I really am turned on to wearing the green. It really brings out the gold flecks in my eyes. 🙂 And remember…the pencils I’m referring to are more of a dark/forest green. They aren’t fake or phony looking. But are very, very pretty and usually have a hint of gold in them and bring out the gold flecks and green in your eyes. They look great with golden/taupe eyeshadows.

    You know how I mentioned that I tried that purple/pink combo a few Sundays ago and got all kinds of compliments and I was thinking about this friend of mine from chuch who has the MOST BEAUTIFUL blue eyes you’ve ever seen. She wears the pink/purple combo and it looks stunning on her too. And she is in her 40’s.

    I think you can carry off pretty much anything if you wear it with confidence! :girl :yup :flirt

  30. Oh this thread is so interesting…


    I will definetly check those eyeshadows. You know when I was young I took some modeling classes, well there they gave us some makeup classes and wow makeup makes such a big difference. The one who was teaching said I had good eyes because it has lot of space to put eyeshadows. This was long time ago and I just dont remember well those classes, I really would like to take makeup classes again. I most of the time pass through this makeup counters and the sales gals have so good looking makeups and Im like I feel I cannt do it myself. 🙁 At least now my face is not oily (im praying I stay with this accutane effect). Im very intersted in learning to apply makeup like a pro!

    In other topic Denise I recently read in a book that steaming the face could make acne worse. Are you sure its not problem?

    Hey and yeah Im from PR, that makes me american as well. Im currently looking for a job in the states, hope to be moving there before April! Wish me luck!

    Dont know who is Paula Begoun? 😮 I think she is awesome! I had two of her books. The Beauty Bible and Dont go to the cosmetic counter without me. Oh check that out!!

    Mari 😀

  31. Hey Mari: Blessings with those make up classes!

    I have read many places that steaming is really good because it open pores and brings all that junk to the surface, then when you do a mask, it pulls it out. I haven’t found any ill effects at all. If you read Elicina’s website, they recommend a sauna, but if you don’t have access to a sauna, then a facial steam only could substitute. Personally, since I believe in detoxing, I do think that this is good for acne. At least, I notice when I do it, it really cleans out the pores, and brings blackheads and whatnot to the surface.

    What nationality are you Mari? I was gonna private message you and ask, but haven’t….sorry. :oops

    Oh yeah…I know who Paula is! I’ve just never been to her website. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks.

  32. Hey Denise,

    Yeah I will scan you what I readed regarding steaming. :wink

    Oh Paula is great isnt she! Those books are jewels for me!

    Nationality well we all puertorican are US citizens. PR is an american territory, many americans dont know that but its understandable as we are such small place 😀

    Mari :flirt

  33. Mari, i like your pic that you’ve got up when you post! Yknow, you remind me of celine dion! lol 😀

    I personally dont like to steam, it brings all the crap up to the surface but i break out like 10 times! Even having a hot bath does it to me! :shock

    Hey denise, yay your blonde and blue/green eyed too! hehe, somethin in common 😀 Its funny cos i was thinking about a green eyeliner this evening!

    Hey, this is something i’ve always wondered, can you wear any colour eyeshadow with any coloured eyeliner? Like, could you wear a blue eyeliner with brown eyeshadow? Or would mixing just look naff?! 😕

    Lil! :angel

  34. Hahaha lilnat! Yeah people have told me so!! 😀 Cool cause Celine is of my favorite singers :mrgreen

  35. Mari: Tu hables Ingles muy bien! :wink

    Yo hablo muy muy muy poquito Espanol. No mucho!

    Hmmmmmm…..I personally like steaming. Yeah, it brings up all the crud, but I like that!

    Hey Lil…I think that if you keep the green liner with the taupey/golden colors, that looks good. I usually do a smudgy black with the mauves and purples (but I rarely wear those). I also do black with that Almay shadow I talked about. But keep in mind when I do black, it’s not very pronounced, big, or smokey. More or less, when I wear black, it’s subtle, just to accent the shape of my eye.

    I don’t wear blue at all, and I don’t know what that would go with. I’d have to see it on.

  36. Yeah, Mari is cute! She looks more like a Celine Dion anglo chick than a Puerto Rican!

    I have LOTS OF Puerto Rican friends, Mari. Man, they cook the heck out of some beans and rice! :mrgreen

    I used to attend a church that was 1/3 black, 1/3 hispanic, and 1/3 white, and the pastor was Hispanic. I made some great friends there! America is such a melting pot. It’s so great.

  37. Just a little post to tell you guys you’re cool 😀

    Denise – asl? Sorry, you might have told me but i have such a bad memory!!

    Mari – yep, very Celine!! 😀

  38. Yeah Denise your asl please! Thanks for the compliments on my english. Well I had an american boyfriend once that refined my english hehehe. Nothing like a boyfriend/girlfriend to learn a language! lol I do have some accent

    Oh yeah Denise rice and beans! Im trying to figure out if i will have no trouble finding the ingredients to cook of those in the states! I will miss the PR food a big deal! Were those rican friends quiet? :wink

    Lilnat dont be surprised to find puertoricans in England, Im sure they must be some out there!

    Mari 😀

  39. Mari! yknow u love english guys! well, i think u should move to england! hehe :lol Definitely find a man then!!

    lilnat :angel

  40. Move to southwest america mari! We eat your cuisine all the time:) and lots of fine men out here to!


  41. Mari, what is my “asl”? :eek

    Yeah, those Puerto Rican chicks are really laid back and quiet! :lol :mrgreen :crazyeyes

    Actually, we have lots of places in Virginia where you can get South American/Tex Mex cuisine. I’ll tell you the honest-to-goodness truth. The best rice and beans I’ve ever had in my whole life are from a fast food place called Popeye’s. They are AMAZING AND YUMMY. They are very smoky tasting. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 🙂

  42. girls i have something awesome to suggest to u. im sure evryone has not only battled with acne like me, but also battled with what the heck kind of make-up will cover it all up wihtout negative effects to ur skin. i’ve found it!! its called BARE ESCENTUALS. let me tell you i have never used anything that covers my blemished up so well, i look like a different person with the stuff on. you can get it from qvc or visit their website,

    i use their foundation, concealer (called bisque) and their “mineral veil” over the whole face, and its stays beautiful all day. i also have to recommend their eyeshadows, which DO NOT CREASE!!!!!!! good luck girls.

  43. i would also like to add, bare escentuals uses ONLY MINERALS in all of their make up products. so nothing harsh or oily on your skin.

  44. tg you taking about the mineral makeup right? Oh thats just great for acne. I tried different brands like Canary Cosmetics, Aromaleigh (I think this is the best) and Jane Iredale. Bare Escentuals I think was just the only one I didnt tried. They do feel good and your skin. I think they make it perfect setting powders. I dont think they are ver good at covering as they are powders so the coverage is light.

    Denise have tried of these? I think that one of Canary oh is an AWESOME setting powder for makeup.
    I loved it how it looked with the makeup I used. Made it to not look heavy at all!! I discontinued the use of the mineral makeups because they give like asthamatic reaction I cannt figure out why, guess Im allergic. But this is only me. I recomend mineral makeups in a heartbeat. Its so frustating when you finally find a good product and then you cannt use it! :puppydogeyes

    Mari 😀

  45. Denise! a/s/l means your age/sex/location! Im 17 f uk!

    Im gonna get a green eyeliner tomorrow!!

    The derm was ok, ive posted about it under the accutane saga thread!

    lilnat 😀

  46. canary seemed very expensive. i will look into the other ones you suggested. i like bare escentuals so much because it really does cover up my blemishes astoundingly well. i dont know what i would do with out that makeup, probably never leave my house!!! im sure the setting powder you’re talking about is something like the bare escentuals mineral veil. sets everything in and helps reduce the powdery look, right? anyway, this is so great!!!! just a bunch of girls sharing make-up tips!

  47. Age: 38 (everyone says I look 30-32; even had someone think I was 28-30 last summer)….probably because I really stay OUT of the sun!

    Sex: Female (obviously)

    Location: Midlothian, Va. (suburb of Richmond, the capital)

    I like Bare escentuals mainly as a top coat applied lightly over foundation. I think for me, with me having such enlarged pores, the shininess of the BE didn’t do very well for me at all just by itself. Jane Iredale is much better. I like it A LOT. They do cover very well, too, I think. I love Bare Escentuals mineral veil too.

    I look forward to only wearing the mineral make-up. My skin really didn’t look too good with the mineral make-up only. I had such blotchiness and large pores that a liquid foundation really looked much better, and smoothed my skin out. I think that mineral makeup looks best on people with *relatively* good skin.

    Mari, I will check out the other mineral makeup you recommended.

    Thanks ladies! This is so fun!

  48. Hey Mari: I just ordered the sampler kit of the Canary make-up. I look forward to getting it and trying it as I was just about to run out of my Jane Iredale anyway, so this was right on time.

    I like the fact that I can mix and match the various powders. I’ve found for me personally, that one shade really doesn’t match my skin perfectly. One shade is either too light or too dark. So this works out really good. I can mix and match more than one shade to find what works for me with the various shades. And it was only $15.00. So that’s great! :mrgreen :tu

  49. hello everybody can i join in? i love makeup so much i have a whole cupboard full of it!!!!!!!

  50. Mari: I also ordered some samples of the Aromaleigh too, since you said you liked that best. I really want to try a GOOD mineral makeup that matches my skin exactly. So the sample thing works great for me.

    Carley…ofcourse you can join!

  51. hi girls. I use hardly any make up except when I’m in my snazzy clothes. I do semi permanent mascara on a few clients and it works great & lasts for up to 7 months so you always have it on and it looks so natural to. My name is Char and I’m new to this board it seems like a nice one! Char*

  52. Hey girls!

    Well, havent really got anything make up related to say today! hehe 😀 but just thought i’d stop in and say hey!

    Im very proud of my thread! Its a “popular” one, woo!! 😀 Hehe, and its a distraction to us girls! And boys, if there are any reading 😀

    Hey Carley! Sure you can join in! Whats ur asl? 😀

    lilnat :angel

  53. Yeah lilnat….we are reading!! :gsmoke

    You know us guys!!

    Browsing da board!!!…..


  54. Hi, tg!

    I’m not sure why you say Canary looked more expensive than BE. I think Canary is about HALF the price of BE. 😀 You get 10 grams of foundation for $19.95 — and that includes shipping. Canary uses only minerals, and they don’t use bismuth oxychloride, which makes me and a lot of other people break out. :cry
    Somebody else said that mineral makeup gives her asthma. I find that if I use a damp sponge to apply the minerals that they don’t get in the air the way they do if you use a brush. And I think they cover better that way.
    Just my two cents!


  55. Thats right Canary doesnt have bismuth oxychloride. Neither does Aromaleigh. The good also about Aromaleigh is that the samples that come are very generous. Will definetly last a while.

    Any new more tips girls?

  56. Hi Rachel,

    Thanks for doing the math for me! I stand corrected! That’s a great tip about a wet sponge because I really get tired of powder getting all over my sink!. And, I didn’t even know about bismuth oxycloride, hmm, maybe that why I seem to breaking out more since I’ve been using B.E.. Gotta order some new make-up! Thanks for your tip too Mari. TG

  57. I dont really have a clue what the topic is now but thought id come in n say hello neway! 😀

    lilnat :angel

  58. Okay, I have to say that lancome defencils is my ultimate favorite mascara, although i can get by on the cheap brands by using this trick- I take off the top part of the mascara tube- the part that cleans off the brush as you pull it out. Then the tube will have a wide opening and you can pull out a big goopy brushful of mascara. I hold this under my eyelashes and bat them into the goop- it will really coat those lashes thiskc, but I go over them with a eyelash separator comb to get rid of the excess gunk and my eyelashes are then long, thick, and luscious! This technique does take lots of time to perfect though and it dries your mascaras out FAST (about 5 weeks use per one tube).

    Here’s to beauty products!
    I can’t live without ’em!

  59. Hey gals….anyone here use a powder with mineral oil as one of the ingredients and not break out from it???? I recently bought perfect powder by Lorac, and I like it, but it has mineral oil in it, so I’m concerned I will break out. Since I am on accutane, I am also wondering if it will matter what I put on my skin at this point, but I’m not sure? Anyone know?

  60. Hi kitty!!

    Yes Kitty makeup will matter while on accutane. If you maintain in a low dose no problem but with higher dosages you wont be able to put it. Your skin will be too dry for it. Thats why I bought the tinted moisturizer, thats the only to survive accutane, moisturizing 😀

  61. Hey Mari; Got the Canary samples and LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I combined 2 colors to get the color that matches me perfectly. 😀 These aren’t shiny, either. I’m going to experiement with them a bit (wet sponge and all that) to see what kind of coverage I can get. I’m still tickled pink that I have found some mineral makeup that isn’t shiny, and that also matches my skin *PERFECTLY*.

    Just wanted to let you know. The Aromaleigh samples havn’t gotten here yet. I can’t wait to get them, though!

  62. Hey guys

    yay the thread is back 😀

    Yeah mamakitty, when i was on accutane first time i got so dry that moisturiser was a must, like Mari says, thats the only way to survive accutane! I couldnt go around without any make up so had to moisturise. I remember the first time my skin started to get really dry, and i couldnt put my make up on cos it was all flakey and weird…i started crying cos i didnt know what was going on, lol…then i realised! n i’ve used moisturiser under make up ever since!
    The worst part is while your still breaking out from the accutane but your skin is also dry, nightmare! MOISTURISER! hehe.
    I dont think it matters what make up you put on…just use the normal, but moisturise with it.

    lilnat :angel

  63. Whee!! I love this thread!! :rofl
    I think I’m going to pick up the Almay eyeshadow that Denise suggested, as I’m also blonde/green eyes.
    Does anybody else have the problem that I have? I find that there is SOOO much make-up out there, so many different brands and different shades that I just end up all flustered because I have no idea where to start!! I love all the tips and suggestions on this thread, but now I’m like, “Should I stop using this one things that works pretty well for me so that I can try something else that might work better? And what if it sucks for me and then I’m stuck with even more make-up that I can’t use?” Laugh, I guess that’s a bit neurotic?
    Right now the foundation I’m using is CoverGirl AquaSmooth. I dig the cream foundations and it smoothes on so nicely and contains vitamins (whoo hoo!). I recently picked up Revlon’s ColorStay foundation, but am waiting to try it on a day that I don’t have to go anywhere just in case my skin revolts! I am really curious about Loreal’s Ideal Balance – supposedly for combination skin, will mattify oily areas and moisturize dry ones. Has ANYONE tried it? Because my skin is definitely confused! Oily here, a little flaky there, laugh.
    Talking about moisturizer/dry skin, etc… I would definitely rather have oily skin than dry (having gone through both stages in an extreme fashion!). Those little oil absorbing sheets will wick away the oil no problem, but it’s really difficult to get dry flaky skin to look normal, and fugghedabout make-up!!
    Whew! Ok, I think I’m basically caught up now, laugh. :yup


    Oh, and now that I know what asl is: 24 (tomorrow!) / f / South Florida, US

    Have a great day everyone!

  64. Yes, I know about moisturizing…..I bought covergirls tinted moisturizer, I just haven’t used it yet. I wanted to try the one Mari uses, but it’s not in my budget at the moment, especially since I spent all this cash at a Sephora store!! ( is the website by the way) I can’t be doing that anymore! I just also need powder. Without powder I can’t make my pores and acne scars look good 🙁 Since the powder has mineral oil, I figured it would help with moisture a bit? I don’t know!!

    I will be starting the 40mg in 2 days. I am very surprised how my skin dried up pretty quickly, even at the 10mg! It helps that winter is here too tho! I can imagine what will happen on the 40! The area above my lip is really flakey, but so far the rest of my skin is easy to deal with, haven’t needed moisturizer yet, only above the lip!


  65. hey guys.

    just wanted ur great make up knowall to help me………

    when u wear makeup on holiday what do u do when u go in the pool or beach for a swim?? im scared my makeup might wash off and not only make the water dirty but more importantly make me look bad!!


  66. Hey lilnat!!!

    i didnt know u were on accutane. wht is that exaclty. is it really good on getting rid of acne? i just thought it was something americans were on, u know them all having dermatologists and stuff!

  67. Hey kamal 😀

    I have a derm! lol, you have to get a referal though which can take a while, unless you go private obviously!
    I dont know how to describe accutane! Anyway its the strongest medication you can get for acne…although it didnt work for me first time so im giving it a second go! God help me!

    lilnat :angel

  68. Ladies!

    Ok, make up topic!
    Eyelash curling!
    What do you guys think? I use the normal type, but im wondering if heated curlers might be better? Anybody use heated ones? Cant go without curling my eyelashes!!

    lilnat :angel

  69. I just only use mascara, no curling them here. Not enough time before work for those details. Im lazy hehehe I leave that for the special events 😀


  70. hehe Mari, yeah sometimes i dont bother either, if im in a rush!
    Wonder if the heated ones are better, i know they cost more but might be worth it! :wink

    lilnat :angel

  71. I’m here. Hey, Lilnat, you’re so cute!

    I just use a regular ole’ Revlon eyelash curler.

    All of you people with your pics up swear you have acne and I don’t see one pimple on any of you! :eek :shock :eek

  72. Denise, I know, I don’t see acne on anybody either! But, then again, if I could find a pic. small enough to post, I would definitely find the one where my skin looks the clearest!
    About eyelash curling – I do it sometimes, but I don’t really notice that big of a difference. I would think that a heated eyelash curler would be sort of damaging. I dunno, it just sounds dangerous, laugh!

  73. Hey guys

    Ok, i think i’ll stick to my normal eyelash curler then lol. Actually like Bethy says, heating might damage them more (thanks for that beth!).

    Thanks denise, its a bit squashed and lost a lil colour though! Said that on so many posts lol! Yeah, its the make up! Sometimes i do quite a good job of it! hehe, plus actually my skin wasnt too bad when that pic was taken!

    lilnat :angel

  74. hi guys i was just wonderin… i have really light naturally blonde hair and i dont usually wear a lot of make up but i want to start trying it. do you think it would look ok if i wore black eyeliner with black mascera or should i go with brown? lots of blondes use black but do you think that would look fake? 😕

  75. There’s a shade called Brown/Black and looks good on light skinned blonds and redheads. Most brands have this shade.

  76. hurleygrly, im naturally light blonde, as you can see! hehe, and i use black eyeliner with black mascara! I like the smokey look, especially on blondes! Its nice n sexy! hehe, 😀 unless you put too much on or something i suppose! 😕

    lilnat :angel

  77. thanx lilnat! yeah i like the smokey look too! i guess im just nervous cuz im so impatiant and im afraid ill mess up and it will look real bad. i already have a pencil in black but i im gonna go out today (school was cancelled b/c of snow! YES!!!! :tu lol) and get some liquid eyeliner also in black. what one do u think works better? :scratch

  78. Hey girly girls….I use only black mascara too. I think it brings out the green in my eyes better.

    I hesitate to use too much black around my eyes because it smudges but guess what? I just ordered some Agnes B stuff because I got a catelogue that had a 50% off sale and I decided to try some of their stuff. One of the things I got was their “long lasting fine eyeliner”. It’s like a liquid eyeliner that has a fine brush tip. It’s supposed to stay on a long time and it’s not that expensive. I’ll let you all know how it stays on.

    Lilnat…..did you ever get that green pencil? Girl, I just found the most beautiful “look” on me! I have this green eyeshadow (very light green with gold flecks) that I put on my lids. I line my eyes with green eyeliner, and put a bit of the green shadow under my eyes on top of the liner. Then, I put some gold on the crease.

    This is the prettiest look and makes my eys POP with color!

    I was playing around one day when I discovered it.

    I LOVE makeup!

  79. Hey Denise, I ordered a bunch of Agnes B. stuff about a year ago and one of the things I got was their liquid eyeliner. I love this stuff. I got silvery black, and it looks awesome. I’ve gotten to be pretty handy at applying it, and it really does stay a long time! It’s funny, out of all the products I ordered from them, the eyeliner is the only thing I still use….

  80. Hey NYM…thanks for that! I got the gold flecked black! I almost got the silver too!

    Hey, I ordered some of their long lasting lipsticks and I got some of their irridescent powders that add a bit of shimmer to the face, and their oil blotting sheets.

    I’m looking the most forward to the eyeliner, so I’m glad to hear you liked it! :wink

    I just went ahead and ordered the other stuff because I got it for half price. I think I got $35.00 worth of stuff, but it would have been $70.00 otherwise.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  81. Hey, denise, glad you found another beautiful look! One of your many! :girl You have to tell me how the liquid eyeliner goes! That was one of my original questions aaaaages ago! If you recommend it i’ll give it a go!

    Anyone use white eyeliner? I use it in the inner corners and i like it!

    lilnat :angel

  82. Hey lillie (isn’t that cute?….I like it. I think I’ll start calling you lillie)

    Well, this isn’t the typical liquid eyeliner. From the way it’s demonstrated in the Agnes B catelogue, it’s easier to control. I’ve used the liquid eyeliner before, but the line is too harsh, and it didn’t stay very well.

    To tell the truth, I was gonna get Bobbi Brown’s gel long lasting eyeliner or Smashbox’s. But they were both expensive. I wanted something that would stay for long periods without having to worry about re-applying. But I saw that this was long lasting. The application is what I like. It’s like a small brush on the end, and it doesn’t look like it applies like a harsh line as the brush is feathery and soft…..know what I mean?

    Anyway….the look with the gold/green I mentioned above sounds pretty wild but actually looks very mild when blended well. But it REALLY makes the green come out in my eyes.

    Nice chatting with you ladies. :mrgreen

  83. Hey Denise1 i used to live in Midlothian when i was in 4th grade! we lived in this subdivision called Woodlake! well anyways i just got this new black liquid eyeliner from a company called New York and i really didnt like it that much. Are they supposed to be as watery as that? o well i guess ill stick with the clinique pencil!

  84. Hurley….GET THE HECK OUT! My brother lives in Woodlake on Walnut Bend Rd. I live down off of Courthouse Rd. in a subdivision called Sachem’s Head.

    Small world, ay? :mrgreen

    I hope I like this Agnes B stuff. The reason why I havn’t liked many liquid liners in the past is because you cannot smudge them. The Agnes B looked like you could work with it a bit more. With the Smashbox and Bobbi Brown gel long lasting liners, you can apply it, then smudge it before it “sets”, which takes about 60 seconds. The it pretty much stays all day. But I’ll try the Agnes B and see what happens.

    Anyway, that’s pretty wild Hurly, about the Woodlake thing. It’s a nice area. Especially Tom Sawyer’s island and the lake……

  85. Denise- yeah i used to live on Bent Creek Dr or sumthin like that. it was like the 4th street after the pool on the left by Oak Knoll. but its been a LONG time since then. i went to clover hill elementary. do they still have that really nice pool out there with the water slide and that little mushroom thing? lol
    yeah iv never heard of Agnes B. Where can you get that at?

  86. I love false eye lashes..

    Most ppl think they look fake and are hard to apply…Well, I’ve been wearing them since I was 16 daily, and no one ever told me they look fake, plus they are extremely easy to apply!

    Try false eye lashes, ladies!

  87. Are they really easy to apply Berry? I wouldnt guess when false lashes, but wondered if it was too much work to apply them, think it would be a good thing to try then 😀

  88. Yep, they are extremely easy to use… Just apply a thin layer of glue then apply the false eye lashes above your real lashes using tweezers. You can remove them bofore washing your face. The lashes usually last up to one month…so it’s economical as well!

  89. Help!!!!!!! Oily skin needs good makeup. It’s back to school and I need a good conealer/foundation for oily skin and to cover up marks. I was using Maybelline Waterproof Cover Stick. But after a couple hrs my skin looks wrong(extra greasy/oily) especially under those white lights in every room at the school. I also check the Sage Cosmetcs site and saw that the Maybelline i have is safe, but not for oily skin.

  90. Hey mimi!

    I havent checked this thread for ages and it got pushed back so i guess its a bit late for your make up advice!
    I personally have very dry skin (accutane) but have never been OILY, so i dont know what to suggest! Did you find anything?

    lilnat :angel

  91. LILNAT!! Grr!

    stop tryin to keep ur topic goin!

    anyway….. nearly reached the 1000 “viewed” mark! way to go!

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