What water temps are you using?

Hey guys and dolls,

Just wondering what kinda water temp you all are using in your regimen? I use to use just luke warm water but lately i have noticed a change since i have been going to the gym and hopping in the sauna. For the last couple days even. I sit in there for about half an hour or go to the steam room for half an hour and have noticed that i am getting fewer breakouts and that my old ones are healing.

Am i crazy? Wishful thinking prehaps, prehaps not! hahahah

So, when im at home in the shower i take a quick 10 minute hotter then luke warm but not too hot shower. Hop out then splash ice cold water on my face to close my pores. i am noticing a great improvement guys. It could just be wishful thinking though, hahaha

What kind of temps to you all use in your regimen?

Also, im wondering will this slight change in my skin last? Im not using hot hot water but hotten then luke warm. Also, the steam in the steam room and the water in the suana are hotter then the water that i use at home. I dont know if its harmful or not- 😮

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9 thoughts on “What water temps are you using?

  1. I cant use steam at all, it brings all the crap to the surface and makes me break out like crazy

    Nat :angel

  2. Im sorry Nat! I think its helping me though i dont know. Im sure this wont last either!!!!!!

  3. Good luck Poppy! It’s great to hear your skin is doing better 😀 I hope this works for you, God knows you deserve clear skin after all you’ve tried.


  4. HEEHHEEHH Thanks Ry! But i am far from 100% clear maybe like 70% but its a hell of a lot better then it used to be.

    How is your Skin Ryan?

  5. It’s doing GREAT actually! It seems to be clearing up! Last time I said that though I broke out the next day… *keeps fingers crossed* :mrgreen

  6. Congrats Ryan!!!! I will keep fingers, legs, toes, arms, and even eyes crossed for all of us!!!!!!!! hahahah

  7. Anything but a quick splash of lukewarm water makes my face real dry, maybe your method will work tho.

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