a few days ago i took my last accutane pill, i was on the drug for a full 22 weeks at a dose range of 40-60 mg…i originally had moderate to severe acne mostly concentrated on my face, i would get cysts all the time…i guess i can say accutane has done a great job on me so far as now i am left with 1 tiny pimple and a few dry patches of skin…now i hope that no more new breakouts will occur so that all my red spots from previous acne can fade

today is day 4 of the post accutane era, my skin is still dry and oil free, i think my lips are less dry but i still apply vaseline to them, my body is still sore when i move around hopefully that will improve over the next few weeks

any others who have just finished their course? feel free to post it in here

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  1. been almost 3 weeks now,

    -lips seem to be back to normal
    -oil is starting to come back slowly
    -getting a few tiny pimples that dont hurt (as long as their not cysts im happy)
    -my bones still ache but it has definitely gotten better the past few weeks
    -red spots still visible (these things seem to be redder at different times of day)
    -my desire to eat has come back, i went from weighing 165 to 145 during my course

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