rosehip oil the same effects of tretinoin???????/

I heard that rosehip oil has the same benefits of tretinoin minus the side effects such as sensetivity to the sun. Im not too sure though?

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3 thoughts on “rosehip oil the same effects of tretinoin???????/

  1. 😀 Hi DoinItWayBig,
    Maybe use the Tretinoin during the night and rose hip oil during the day?
    I have used the regular vit c cream in the past but it did not make my skin look as good as it does now on the Tretinoin. Since rose hips contain vit c I figure the oil must be something like vit c cream is.

    If you give the Rose Hips Oil a try please let me know how it goes.

  2. rose hip seed oil is also rich in vitamin A, which is probably one of the reasons it’s good for scars and damaged skin. I’ve read that it can aggravate acne however.

  3. I went through 2 bottles of organic rosehip oil – it didn’t help with anything.

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