dermalogica sunscreen and tea tree cleanser

has anyone tried the dermalogica sunscreen? either the ultra sensitive face block spf25, or the solar defense booster spf30. im on accutane now, so i know i really need to use a sunscreen, but i have hated everything i have tried so far. do you guys know if this stuff is any good? ive used their skincare and love it but im not sure.
also, it should be ok to use tea tree cleanser while im on accutane right?

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3 thoughts on “dermalogica sunscreen and tea tree cleanser

  1. I havnt had any experiance with that company.. but the tea tree should be fine. (has a possiblility of being mildly irritating if your sensitive)

    I like the non-comdogenic sunscreen from nutragena.. might wana give that a try if you dont like the one your useing.

  2. thanks nomad 🙂
    heh, my skin normally isnt sensitive to tea tree oil, but after i used that mask the other day, i thought maybe it would be. but then i realised i only got irritated cos i used it under my eyes 🙂 hehe. im stupid.
    the tea tree cleanser i have now also have chamomile in it, to soothe the skin, so i dont think it will be too irritating. i used it tonight and it worked well. i dont think it will be too drying for my skin while im on accutane because my skin hasnt gotten much less oily than usual yet anyway.
    thanks for the tip on sunscreen. neutrogena sunscreen isnt available here in aus, but i used it when i was living in america, and it seemed to break me out. i know most people are fine with it, but im not so sure about it for myself.
    they sell dermalogica where i used to work, and its very expensive, but from what i have heard, its supposed to be good. i guess i can only give it a shot. they have a money back guarantee with dermalogica anyway, so if i dont like it, i can get my money back.
    anyhow, thanks again 🙂

  3. kristi what other sunscreens have you tried? You know Im using Shade spf 45 from Copertone and I really like it. The ingredient list is short and is fragance free. I wish I could post the ingredient list but I threw away the box :cry but i really like it and my skin super sensitive 😀

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