Derma-E scar gel

hey all i heard about derma-e scar gel and i was wondering if anyone gave it a try, if not im gona give it a try anyway

and i have been on acctuane for almost 4 months now, and i have been getting scars on my cheeks from accutane their not pitted there just surface scars, you think they will go away by themself? thanks all

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One thought on “Derma-E scar gel

  1. Yeah I tried it 🙂 Its okay gel, it wont break you out however I dont think it helps with scars. Its better than Mederma for sure! And give it time after accutane for those scars to heal. Its really a process that takes time. Are you finishing soon? I think 4 months of accutane is more than enough 🙂


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