An interesting spot treatment idea – Abreva on pimples

Ok, since I ordered my Aromaleigh minerals, I’ve been checking out the chat boards. It seems a lot of the women there suffer from skin problems, hence why they started using mineral make-up in the first place. Check out this cut and paste:

“For years I had suffered from cystic acne (mostly in my chin area), but when I switched to the mineral makeup they seemed to fade away. Than about three five or six months after using only mineral makeup, my face broke out with a ton of cystic acne and it was getting worse and worse (was very painful too). Thankfully I had just met Marisa who told me about Abreva (a OTC cold sore medication) to get ride of the acne. At that point I was desperate and willing to try anything, so off to WalMart I went! It cames in a very small tube and cost me about $13 dollars (they now sell it for $10). I started using it that night, and in the morning I could tell that it had started to reverse the acne and a lot of the pain and redness was gone. After applying the Abreva to my cystic acne several times a day (a little bit goes a long way!), it was about 75% gone (and no pain what so ever)! After about a week, the acne was gone and so was most of the dark red spot that cystic acne can leave behind (months later)! Now I keep a little tube handy just incase any acne tries to show it’s ugly head, and it has been working wonders for me ever since (I even use it for paper cuts, little scratches, etc…)! I have tried lots of acne spot treatments through my many years of suffering from acne, but this it the only thing that has worked this fast and consistently! Thanks again Marisa for the best beauty tip I’ve ever received!!! :o) ”

Ok, this is something I’ve never heard of before. Hell, I probably have some Abreva lying around (oh yeah, I’m ALSO a cold sore sufferer on top of being an acne sufferer, woo hoo!). Perhaps I will give it a shot… couldn’t hurt I suppose. Just wanted to share this one with you guys as I thought I’d heard it all.

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3 thoughts on “An interesting spot treatment idea – Abreva on pimples

  1. That’s very interesting info. Alot of products that treat 1 problem , treats other problems. I would think in the case of Abreva, it treats the imflammation, swellling and infection of a cold sore. Which is the same thing that goes on with cysts. Hope i can find some where i live to try it.

  2. Thanks, Nymue ~ I’ll be trying this out. Hubby’s got some Abreva stashed around here somewhere….

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