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I was wondering whether any of you guys that shave suffer from bumps underneath your chin and near the top of your neck. I don’t know what to call these (razor bumps? in-grown hair bumps?). I have always wondered what causes this when I shave…. and most importantly HOW TO GET RID OF IT! These bumps stay around forever and I sometimes confuse them with acne.

Is there anyway to get rid of them or will these always be around as long as you shave? I seem to get them no matter what I use : electric razor, straight razor, etc. I have tried shaving with and against the grain, but it doesn’t help the situation.


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3 thoughts on “Question for guys – slightly off topic

  1. I don’t know if it is was what you are describing but my brother used to get foliculitis from shaving…an infection in the hair follicles – but not acne. He described it as fairly painful..which you haven’t mentioned. His gp used to prescribe fuiciden (spelling?) antibiotic cream for it.

  2. Actually, the little bumps are sometimes a bit painful when I touch them or push them. But that is only once in a while, most of them don’t hurt much.

  3. hey there,
    i used to suffer from the same thing too when I shaved with an electric razor then i switched to a straight razor but still had the problems. One solutions I found was using a mild facial scrub like Neutrogena Men’s facial scrub before shaving to get all the little hair follicles open and then shave…then after shaving i put on a little Neutrogena After Shave & repair lotion to stop the irritation. Also using a facial scrub every other day helps to open and repair the acne like bumps which I know are pretty damn painful. hope this helps.


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