Who keeps changing their regimen?

I have changed mine once this week for a total of three times this month. I changed my facial cloths and moisturizer for this week. How often do you all change your regimen or how many times have you changd it?

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15 thoughts on “Who keeps changing their regimen?

  1. I change all the time. One week im doing one thing, then the next its another. i just cant find one that works. im really interested in doing scars regimen though.

  2. I recently changed mine, and I’m clearing up! :mrgreen heh I probably just jynxed myself though…

  3. I was just thinking about this because everytime a new topic comes up I jump into it. I came up with a new thing and am going to make myself stick to it!!!

  4. Yeah, its funny i use to wait at least 3 months before i changed for fear that i would breakout but now i dont know…….when you guys mention something that sounds awesome or i see something that might work for me i must try it!!

    ill tell you what guys for this thread lets keep track of each others regimens and see whats working or not working fo us!

  5. I change my cleansers and lotions and stuff about every three months too b/c a friend once told me that if you keep using the same thing your skin develops a tolerance to it and it won’t work as well anymore, sort of like rechargable batteries. :mrgreen

  6. Gosh I finally have settle with a regimen but I have been changing regimens from so long!

  7. I kept changing my regimen for quite a while, I think I have found one that works for me. C&C Cleanser, lemon, I spot-treat with tea tree oil and occasionally spot-treat with BP. I also occasionally use triple antiboitic ointment. Simple, I know, but simple seems to work best for me…

    I don’t want to jinx myself, but I haven’t had a single zit form in somewhere around 5 days now. The only thing I have now is all those little ones that will never go away :crazyeyes

  8. Oh, yes, I’m the product queen of all times. I do feel that one has to try something for a couple of months at least, though, to know if it’s going to help. I don’t buy anything without a moneyback guarantee anymore. I’ve got several nutrition books here that I bought that I haven’t even read through completely. I think I’m just exhausted from trying this and that. When one has a longstanding health problem, though, something has to change for it to heal. Actually, I’m going back to my previous topical regimen, with Linda Chae Organic Essentials and Naturally Clear. My skin is pretty clear at the moment.

  9. I do. I’m sometimes in a mood to try a few new things: some are keepers, some aren’t. A lot of times I wind up going back to the old product; sometimes I find something I really like, and add it to the lineup (usually replacing something else). Many of the products that aren’t keepers for me were just too much of a hassle to use.

  10. i cant change mine. i promised i wouldnt and im being rewarded. its like if you keep changing it, then you wont know if your face will like it. its like the initial breakout that everyone talks about with b5. even if you break out while on ur regimen, maybe its just getting all the goofy stuff out of you.

    probably makes no sense. the hampster stopped spinning the wheel a little while ago. sorry, but just my opinionsssssssss

  11. Hi Lenore,

    You said your skin is doing well? Im very happy to hear that, i remember all you went through before with the breakouts and the regimen lineups-lol What are you taking internally if anything? Glad to see you here!!!! Please keep posting! Your posts have always been so informative and rewarding to me! LOL

    Ritzvin you and i do the same thing. The old switch-a-roo!!!!!! ahahahah That is what i have been doin lately just changing for the old and the new. I do this so my skin doesnt catch on and get hip to my regimen and start bailing on me! hahahaha


    Sweety i have been meaning to tell you that your screenname really doesnt suit you. hahahahaha t should be Soccer bumpkin, Soccer babe, Soccer Sweety, but anything but a Soccerbum! hahahahah

  12. Hi Sweet Poppy! Thank you for the welcome. That really means a lot to me.

    Actually, I was just at my boyfriend’s place for several days (I have no will power in leaving him) and I didn’t bring my skin care stuff with me. He had a bottle of emu oil there and also some aloe vera gel that I used, and my face is breaking out a little again now. Both of those bottles were sitting in storage for maybe even years, so who knows if they’re any good. I’ve also been really inconsistent with my supplements. It’s difficult keeping up on diet, supplements and skin care routines when one is bouncing back and forth between two homes. The good thing is that when I’m with him, we get out of the house and walk a lot and get a lot of fresh air and sunshine. I tend to hole up like a mole here at home.

    I’ve been taking Life Extension Mix powder (no iodine or copper), Nutribiotic’s Grapefruit Seed Extract pills, Estrotone pills (I’m also using Estrotone cream and progesterone cream (either Chae’s or Kokoro) ), coral calcium, Barleans Essential Woman oil (I’m trying it on a recommendation from the Acne Miracle Co.), Health From the Sun Ultra Omega 3 fish oil and New Chapter’s All Flora probiotic powder. I recently bought the Garden of Life’s Primal Defense probiotic powder with HSO’s (homeostatic soil organisms), which also contains some green powders like barley grass, etc. (my boyfriend calls it “soil-lent green”). I have been really inconsistent with taking all the supplements, though, because it’s such a hassle to keep a supply of all that crap at my boyfriend’s house. He’s also a sugarholic, and I get really tempted when it’s there in front of my face.

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