Severe Dry Skin–Help!! Ayuda!

For the past month or so the skin on my hands (esp. twixt the fingers) has become severely dry, itchy, and painful. I’ve run the gamut on hand lotions–nothing really works–and am using an old tube of prescription hydrocortisone I found. Does anyone have any advice?

I’ve used all the commercial stuff like Dove, Vaseline Intensive care, cocoa butter…you name it. I’ve also been using this stuff called Aqueous that worked for a while but doesn’t any more. THe problem is that I have to wash my hands so much when dealing with Maxman…plus doing the dishes all the time isn’t helping (though I guess I could use gloves for that).


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3 thoughts on “Severe Dry Skin–Help!! Ayuda!

  1. I have the perfect product; and it’s available in the UK. The Body Shop has that Hemp Hand Cream. The Body Shop people told me when I first sampled it that it was their biggest seller in the UK because all the farmers with really bad, chapped, hands, LOVED this stuff. The hemp oil is extremely high in essential fatty acids. Many people with excema and psorisis use it. I use it in the wintertime as nothing relieves dry skin like this stuff.

    Another thing that works good (but not AS GOOD), but aaaaahhhhh it smells so delightful, is Burt’s Bees Peppermint coconut foot cream; but you put it on your hands.

    What you can do Yorkie is to get some of those gloves at the Body Shop or wherever and slather the cream on real thick and sleep with the gloves on. You wake up and your hands are so much better.

    If I were you, I’d try the Body Shop hemp product because it is proven to help psorisis and excema; plus, you all have The Body Shop in the UK, which means you should be able to get it pretty easily. Also, even if you wash your hands, the product stays on. I tried this as an experiment when I sampled it before I purchased it. I first tried this product about 4 years ago and it really gets me through the winter!

    *p.s. definately get some rubber gloves for when you do dishes. That’s what I do. 🙂

  2. I have read Paula Begouin (cosmetics cop website) recommend wearing plastic gloves to bed…it seems such a bizzare idea that surely it must work! Sounds like you should definitely be wearing gloves when you do the dishes. Could it be an allergy to something – rather than just simple dryness….maybe when you go to replace your dishwash liquid and handsoap you could try a different brand to rule this out.

  3. HELLO YORKIE!!!!!!!! Haved missed ya girl!!!!!! Hows new baby and hubby doing? Welcome back home love!

    Dry hands? Had the same problem when i was using two different topicals. My skin would literally peel and chap, drove me crazy! I used good old baby oil-during the day or vaseline or olive oil-at nght and wore the lotion gloves at night. For the dishes wear household gloves. You also need a hand kit. Comes with all the things we need to keep pretty hands pretty….lol Scrubbers, lotions, gloves, and etc.


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