Salicylic acid (eucerin unclean skin program)

Hello, it’s me again 🙂

I would like to know (tell you) every time I use products with Salicylic acid I beakout totaly. Some of you would say hang in there before it gets better, well I was “hanging” about 2 months and it was like hell, my skin was BAD. Salicylic acid make me TOTALY OILY which I wasn’t before, probably because of irritation (I was using deep cream action cleanser form clean and clear 0,5%Salicylic acid and dual action facial moisturiser 0,5% Salicylic acid and Sensitive skin toner 0,5% Salicylic acid) everything was BAD except cream cleanser. It feels really coll and tingle but toner dry your skin and you need moisturiser that will fight dryness.

My opinion is NEVER USE Salicylic acid, there is much better medications.

However I saw eucerin commercial on tv and became interested since it’s MEDICAL CARE FOR SKIN ONLY AVAILIBLE IN APOTHEKE or DRUGSTORES (I dont know which is english word). Has anyone use it?

That’s all folks 😀
The only way we can beat acne is to strugle, to survive.
I know it’s not easy, it’s hard, hopeless sometimes but there are bright days in everyones life.
Wish you all perfect skin and good luck.
Have faith, Makaveli.

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2 thoughts on “Salicylic acid (eucerin unclean skin program)

  1. Hi!

    perhaps you are allergic to salycilic acid, this may cause you to breakout more. For me before my skin got used to it (which it did pretty fast) it worked really well, I even used it with a 30 % concentration and the first time I peeled really nice ( now it doesn’t work :cry )

    but you guys keep using it, it might help you

  2. I have been on natures cure for 4 months and am now on my 5th month…they recommend taking it for 2-5 months but i dont think im going to stop becuase the results are good….i take that along with minocycline which has no side effects at all…i just noxema original face creme not soap dont worry about stupid benzoil peroxide and all of that all it does is dries up thats it…stay healthy and exercise a lot…drink tons of water and dont limit yourself to 8 glasses instead of drinking that soda drink water its what your mostly made out of…give your cells some replenishment…i used to take zinc for acne from puritan’s pride but i havent any more and there is no change in my face…it looks better than ever… not rub your face hard you are just aggrivating it more for pimples are underneath the skin not on the surface…use cold water becuase hot water causes dry skin…only wash twice a day….put TONS OF ICE CUBES i do like every hour just because it softens your skin, prevents scarring, reduced swelling and shrinks pores….if you do all of that i guarantee youll see a difference…and dont touch your face at all your hand oils make it worse…

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