this is crazy!

ive been using benzac ac (benzoyl peroxide) and my face looks grosser than ever. now i want to try using clearasil medicated wipes again because salicylic acid is supposed to be really good for clogged pores because it exfoliates deeply into the pore and breaks down whiteheads and blackheads, but im scared that this step could make it even worse than how bad it is now! aaaaaaarghhhh! this is insane!

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4 thoughts on “this is crazy!

  1. Has the BP dried your face out? Maybe try some aloe vera afer you put it on to help ease the redness.

  2. yeah i know !!
    i put on benzamycin before, and it kileld my skin
    it made it red brown and black at the same time!!
    i’m against harsh chemicals, our skin is not a battlefield

  3. salycilic acid is very hard on the skin, used it three days and made me peel like hell.

    here’s a message of colin Powell about it.

    We have discovered a huge stock of salycilic acid in IRAK, this is clearly a mass destruction weapon. This clearly legitimate our engagement in IRAK. And humanity should be thankful as this product is very very dangerous for the face of our beloved teenagers. 😀

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