Vita K and Retin A- advice .

I am currently using retin-a twice a day, however I have read on another board that some ppl have been using Vita K with great success on clearing red marks.
I was wondering if I could use retin-a and vita k at same time, ie, retin-a with vita k on top, any advice peoples ?

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19 thoughts on “Vita K and Retin A- advice .

  1. not sure about using both, but i know vita-k worked for me. i had to stop using it after about 3 weeks because it started to bring the oil back on my face. 😐

  2. Yeah I`ve heard a lot of good stuff bout vita k somewhere else, however I still break out and wanna keep using retin-a , which is pretty good at getting rid of marks but also wanna try vita-k on top, who knows maybe I should experiment ?
    How long did it take to work for you ? and WHAT DO U mean it brought the oil back on ur face, do u mean it made u look greasy ?
    I guess by your name that you are a soccer fan in the U.S, A RARE breed.
    Over here in UK its called football and most ppl are into it !

  3. i live, eat and breathe soccer.

    but about the vita-k. before i started to use it, my face was RARELY oily. after i used vita-k for about 3 weeks, my face started to get real real greasy/oily. i stopped using it since then, and my face is slowly getting back to normal. i only put vita-k on at night before i went to sleep after all my other stuff, so i didnt care about the greasiness….until it started to make my face greasy durin the day. try it out….im sure its different for different people. let me know how it goes.

  4. Good stuff about the soccer, I play myself sometimes 3 times a week its great.
    Anyway, I know what u mean about the greasyness, I used to ude a product called Alpha sterol and it made my face look like it had some kind of oily film over it, yuck !
    What do you apply in the day, and at night aswell as Vita K ?

  5. Good stuff about the soccer, I play myself sometimes 3 times a week its great.
    Anyway, I know what u mean about the greasyness, I used to ude a product called Alpha sterol and it made my face look like it had some kind of oily film over it, yuck !
    What do you apply in the day, and at night aswell as Vita K ?

  6. like ive said before, i would stay right away from vita k. it has some really awful pore clogging ingredients, which is why soccerbum started to get really greasy again. just my advice!

  7. i dunno, people said to have called the maker and where told its noncomedifdsagasga whatever that word is. i bought some yesterday (vita-k) OMG, after a day and a half, my face went from butt to OMG! what happened! this stuff is great.

  8. What progress have you seen in 1 and a half days?
    Do you use anything else aswell or do you not breakout anymore ?
    I want to use Vita K but don`t want to disrupt myretin -a progress ?

  9. i piled it on for a long time, then washed it off and it took off the scars and faded the red marks, and it even out my skin some. better damn impressive.

  10. This post is a question to the guest, a lotofwork:

    Did you get your Retin A prescription from a derm or did you just buy it over the web?

    The reason I ask is because I got my Retin A from a prescription that I got from my derm, and she told me to use the Retin A only once a day at bedtime because applying it more often can irritate the skin. Retin A is potent medicine for the skin!

    She also instructed me to NOT put any other product over the Retin A … . The REASON she gave me was because adding other products to the skin after applying the Retin A would dilute its effectiveness.

    I am just wondering if there is another school of thought on this subject? Sometime in the past, I read another poster say something about putting other products over Retin A.

    You know the test of a good derm is how the doctor’s skin looks. My doctor has the smooth skin of a young child! No wrinkles, no scars … just beautiful skin! My derm has been using Retin A herself for over 10 years, and she has been a derm/surgeon for over 40 years!

  11. I’m using retin-a at night and after half an hour apply Copper Peptide serum – I hate using the CP serum in the day as it leaves a blue tinge!! Then I apply jojoba oil.

    Does this mean that my retin-a isn’t working? Coz I thought it would then have half an hour of penetration?

  12. to solomio
    I get my Retin-a free from ny Doctor ( I live in the UK), i HAVE ACTUALLY RAN Oout at the moment so need a repeat prescription !
    I have always used retin-a twice a day this is no prob, jeez once a day and I would look a mess!

    To Maya
    Intruiging that you use something on top of Retin-a this inspires me to xperiment with maybe Vita -K on top ?
    As for your doubts on it not working with peptides on top, surely you can only answer this ? Are you breaking out ? Redmarks fading well? etc ?

  13. alotofwork

    Well, originally I alternated using retin-a one day and then the peptides the next day. Now I am used to the retin-a, I use it every night, wait 30 minutes or so then put on the copper peptides followed by jojoba oil.

    No, I am not breaking out at all now – but I do take a lot of supplements. Red marks are minimal – I think the peptides helps a lot with that as they are very soothing to the skin.

    I’m in the UK too – maybe your skin has got used to the retin-a – are you aware that there is a brand called Isotrex that you can get from the GP that is .5 in strength – which is double the .25 of retin-a? It comes in a smaller tube – exactly the same ingrediets as the retin-a (gel form) but higher strength.

    I love to experiment!! 😀

  14. 😀 Hi Maya,
    I must have a tough old hide because I have not had any irritation from the 0.05 Retin A, and if it were to give me any problems then it should have done that by now.

    I think I will experiment also as you are doing to see if I continue to improve as I have been improving using Retin A by itself. I look so much better now since using this product every night. The only thing I have noticed a couple of weeks ago was a little dryness but that has stopped.

    I have used the copper peptides about a year ago but never stuck with them because the stuff has a terrible smell :cry , and has had this smell from the first day I opened the bottle. I am wondering about giving it a try again, and doing what you are doing.

    Does the bottle of copper peptides you use have a terrible smell? :cry

    How long is the shelf life? I bought mine a year ago…would it still be any good?

  15. Solomio – I got used to the smell. I don’t think it has an expiry date – but you could email Cathi [email protected] – she’s very knowledgeable about it all.

    The thing with peptides is you won’t see results in the short term – I used it on and off for a while and thought it didn’t work…but with consistent use, it does seem to improve collagen.

  16. guest,
    Maya is right when she says that it takes time.
    I noticed a difference in my skin at 2 weeks. Right now it is 2+ months, and I can see a lot of difference in my skin. It has a clearer texture, the shallow scars that I am using Retin A to fill in really do seem to be less…more time will tell if my assessment is correct.

    Something I think I have mentioned somewhere else on this web site is that as time go on you HAVE TO UP the strength of the Retin A you are using. My doctor told me she uses, I believe, 2%. I am using 0.05 percent right now, and she gave me several refills for my prescription so when my prescription finally runs out is when she will up my new prescription to the next level of strength.

    I have to add that this doctor has been using the product for 10 years and her skin is beautiful.

  17. Solomio – I’ve been using the retin-a .025 fro around 5 weeks now – and my skin has really settled with it – I’ll continue with that for another few weeks and then move to the .05 – that is the strongest we have in the UK.

    The retin-a is really helping my needled scars fill in. I wish I had started using this earlier.

    How much does it cost to get retin-a in the U.S.?

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