Atkins Diet Good For Acne!!

I’ve found myself over this past year cutting out all sorts of food that I believed may have been contributing to my acne problem. I would eliminate wheat, then potatoes variuos foods and now I find myself on someting of an Atkins style diet. The Atkins diet thing, if you haven’t already heard things about it is basically a high protein diet and cutting out all carbohydrates. This is now my diet! I eat protein for breakfast (usually chicken) occasionaly eggs. Lunch is chicken, ham, meat salad or veggies. Evening time is veggie stir fry with steamed fish or some combination of protein and veggies. I don’t eat any carbs (not sure if veggies are classed as carbs), certainly no rice, potatoes, pasta, bread. This routine does help keep my skin under control. Ofcourse it does take topicals and other treatments to help me out further, but this diet (Atkins) does help.

Any thoughts from anyone who uses diet to help control acne??

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8 thoughts on “Atkins Diet Good For Acne!!

  1. My mom is on the Atkins diet I could never do that! But my derm said the best diet to help with acne is the Zone diet.

  2. I dont know a lot about the atkins diet but the guy who started it fell and hit his head, went into a coma, and died today.
    just thought i would add that! hehe

  3. hehe! so did i until my mom told me cuz i was laughing about it then i felt stupid. lol SCAR!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!?!

  4. i’m on a version of the low carb diet- carbohydrate addicts diet. It works better for me than anything else unlike vegetarianism etc. this diet makes me feel balanced 😀

  5. Yeah the Zone diet is wayy better. I personally think Atkins diet wether it helps acne or not is a dangerous diet and I do not recomend :no . Specially if you guys have a high carb diet DO NOT attempt to drastically lower your carbohydrate intakes. I did it and and I got sick and struggled to go back to my normal diet. If lowering carbos you have to do it very slowly!

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