4 MONTHs DoNe Two MOnThs LefT!!!!!!!!

ok im coming up to four months now and my skin is pretty much totally clear except a few red marks. ive been eating totally how i wanna junk and stuff but now im coming up to my last two months im going to try slowly start a healthy diet so by the time im off im eating healthy and havnet just shocked my system by stopping everything at once.
im on 40 mg and it will be six months by the time im fisnshed. havent really had much side effects yet apart from a little dry lips. but im expecting major hair loss when i finish, like b 4 but can handle that!!

not really much point to this thread just wanted to let someone know how im gettin on 😮

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2 thoughts on “4 MONTHs DoNe Two MOnThs LefT!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi sunnyboy :wave and glad to hear your progress. 😀 If you are clear by now in the four month you wont need to do additional two more months of accutane. You will even get better when you quit. I also did a 4 month course and Im clearer now than when I finished the course in the four month. Accutane is very potent drug you will see. Considering the side effects the sooner you stop the better (that is if you are clear ;))

  2. I totally agree with Mari.
    It’s great to hear you’ve done so well, but why expose yourself to more risks of side effects by taking another 2mths worth? If you’re virtually clear, you’ll continue to improve over the next few months anyway.
    If you’ve suffered from hair loss in the past, why put more Accutane in your system.
    Just my 2 cents worth.
    Good Luck anyway.
    Pleased to hear you’re clear. 🙂

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