to maya or anyone else….
i have acne. i was thinking about following helpingyou’s detox method. i was thinking about just using that coenzyme-a product, since it seemed to have worked for atleast some people. for a detox, do you think that just using the co-enzyme a product is fine. i looked at the detox schedules for you and dr. nomad and you guys seemed to be taking a ton of stuff…
i dont’ know…

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  1. Im not sure exactly what the Co-A does.. but I know for a fact that with any detox you need to be taking 1g+ of vit C whenever you take the detox..

    There are other things that help as well.. but this is the one MUST

  2. hey nomad
    thanx for your reply.. i am taking a multi-vitamin (centrum). it has like 60 mg of vit. c. my multivitamin has most of the regular vitamins (in much less quantity though.) if i am gonna take that co-A product. what multivitamin would you recommend?? or in general, what multivitamin would you recommend. once again thanks for your reply…
    i hope this detox stuff works…
    i have tried almost everything else..

  3. 😀 Hi DrNomad and wassup, I posted my original reply on wassup’s first request post asking for information on the antioxident coenzyme Q10, or at least I think he is talking about coenzyme Q10.

    Interesting what you said about vit c because I take 1 to 3 grams of vit c every day. I have allergies and as long as I take the mega dose of vit c every day I do not need to take any prescription or store bought allergy pills. And of course the vit c does not make me sleepy either. I discovered this miracle a long time ago in a book about vit c, and have been taking the vit c for this purpose for a long time. I guess you would say that the mega doses of vit c I take works as a detox. I have gone as high as 10 grams a day of vit c to relieve symptoms when my allergies were really bad. When allergys are real bad I will use the vit c powder, and desolve it in water instead of taking the pills in order to get the c into my blood stream faster. The only side effect I have experienced from taking too much vit c for my system has been a one shot bout of diarrhea.

  4. 🙂 Hi Wassup,
    I had not heard of Coenzyme A before you posted your question last night. I thought you were talking about Coenzyme Q10, which is an actual coenzyme that has been discovered and is sold in many stores under different brand names.

    This morning I did a little further research because I had not heard of Coenzyme A. I found this website:

    I read through this site and discovered that Coenzyme A is a “trade marked” protected name for a manufactured product, and is NOT a “new” discovery in the world of scientific research. In other words creating the name, Coenzyme A for a vitamin formula is a very good marketing strategy to sell old existing vitamins that we are already familiar with. BUT the ingredients in the “Clear Skin Image” product that this company is selling are good for your skin..

    The only problem that I see with this product is that you may end up paying more for it in dollars than you would pay if you just went out and purchased the product by purchasing the various nutrients in their original form. The ingredients of Coenzyme A, which is in “Clear Skin Image” are as follows, and this list is taken directly from their web site:

    “The active components of Clear Skin ImageTM are:
    Clear Skin Image Proprietary Nutrient FormulaTM
    Pantothenic Acid
    (d-Calcium Pantothenate)-1,000 mg
    Biotin-1 mg
    Niacin-20 mg
    Molybdenum (Amino Acid Chelate)-.02 mg”

    Also, wassup the following paragraph is from the web site for Coenzyme A and is a disclaimer of sorts. The whole web site is very well written in what we refer to as “double speak.”

    “At this time, Coenzyme-A is not commercially available in the form of a one compound synthetic dietary supplement. Further, it is doubtful that a compound of Coenzyme-A would be an effective dietary supplement because the digestive process would break such a compound back down into its components before it entered the bloodstream.”

    Hope this helps you make up your mind to deceide if you want to spend your money purchasing this product. :angel

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