OLIVE OIL is the healthy oil for skin care, cooking etc…

😀 Hi All,
Below is a set of links to the best web site I have found that explains all about olive oil from its chemical make-up (chemistry) to how it affects the skin (chemistry again).

I have been using olive oil for a long time. I even fry chicken in olive oil. I feel safe doing this because olive oil has a smoking point that is rather high – 420 degrees to 460 degrees, which is much higher than you would normally fry chicken at.

This is about the best olive oil web site I have found because just about every question you might have about olive oil is answered here in one place.

Here’s the chemistry page from above olive oil web site. Note the smoking point for olive oil. I even fry chicken in olive oil; it is absolutely delicious! No one in my family, including me, has ever had any problem with this particular oil.

Above is the ‘skin’ link from the same web site on olive oil.


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