This diet cured me

Hi people ive never posted here before but have browsed forums like this for a while and came across the mucus-free diet promoted by Prof. Arnold Ehret (i.e. plenty of fruits, green leaf veggies and some nuts) and, as many of you will know, with the About-Face Clear Skin Program.

Try (I bought his book The Mucusless Diet & Healing System and no this isnt an advert cos you dont need to buy it once youve read some of the website)

This was a last resort for me- initially I was sceptical about whether it was mucus that was the problem, or the waste/toxins. However, after a week and a half i seemed to start eliminating the mucus through my throat and experienced a few strange things on the toilet (er, basically weird mucus stuff coming out). After that i felt great n so was my skin. I stayed on the diet for a few months and felt so happy and wonderful, confident in myself. :angel you do develop and adjust your taste to fruit and veggies. I ended up relishing the thought of a big mediterranean salad (lots of avocado and artichoke) at dinnertime.

Id tried everything since the age of 16 (im now 20) including antibiotics, Dianette birth control, retin-A, and all manner of vitamins, minerals, herbs, the usual for mild (at its worst moderate to severe) but persistent (in my family too) acne.

But in just 3days my skin felt softer and supple, but also clearer, with a glow. After maybe a week and a half my skin looked great. A friend I hadnt seen for a while said my skin was amazingly clear and said wow I bet you never get spots you havent got a single one on your face 😮

Some friends of mine and my housemates are vegetarian, vegan or vegetarian including my family so im very open to *natural eating* i.e how, as humans we should optimally eat. Also ive come up with some tasty ways of preparing it.

I know I feel wonderful eating like this but dont have the courage to eat like this with my family as theyll make judgements on me I know that. So right now ive come home for easter and am predictably starting to break out from eating a conventional diet :cry

needless to say i will be right back eating mucus-free after the easter break from college…

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7 thoughts on “This diet cured me

  1. thank you for the post, it sounds very interesting. I’m wondering if you could possibly tell us generally what you eat in a normal day. Also, did you do the fasting as well? or how did you go about starting this diet?? Thank you in advance!!!

  2. hi Lithium, thanx for the reply
    well although im at my parents for a couple of weeks im now trying to eat mucusless as much as I can. I have been breaking out a bit due to being a bit fatalistic and eating pretty much indiscriminatory.

    Normally i might eat:
    Breakfast: a big fresh fruit salad sometimes with coconut milk
    Lunch: a salad comprising baby spinach, artichokes, avocado, chopped tomato, olives, some olive oil, seeds and fresh or dried herbs. (I served my parents this and they were amazed how delicious and filling it was)
    Dinner: A starchless vegetable stir-fry with seeds, coconut milk, curry spices and ground almonds, or a vegetable and nut/seed loaf with veggies.
    Snacks: dried fruit especially figs, also some nuts.

    Nutritional concerns-
    Protein: The seeds and nuts provide good protein, as do avocados and all vegetables supply small amounts of protein. So if you eat enough you should be ok. Think how gorillas eat- lots of leaves- and this supports well a well-developed musculature.

    Calcium: Spinach, figs and almonds are rich in calcium. In fact, in weight spinach is more concentrated in calcium than cheese or milk.

    I have found though that often i can get away with eating a certain amount of non-mucusless foods. I guess it depends on your own individual ways of dealing with mucus.

  3. Oops sorry i forgot: No i didnt fast- but i did eat quite lightly the first few days i.e. no nuts, seeds or dried fruits- mainly salad veggies, and not too many sugary fruits. I think if you are planning to follow something long-term it will have an effect at some point anyway, so its not really worth depriving yourself of food for 3 days.

    NB. I dont agree with everything Ehret advocated- i.e. 20day fasts!!

  4. lilmisshobbit, thanks for that article. Glad to hear that you have found a way to win your battle. I read with a lot of interest about Ehret and especially his internal cleansing ideas. That web site and your story have inspired me to once again try diet to help me.

    For the past few weeks I been eating a lot different than previous months. I have really cut down any dairy, wheat and meat. I still eat a little of those things, not much. Lots more veggies, nuts, fruit and fish. Im trying to find a diet I can live with and one that can help reduce acne. I can see some improvement but man, its so hard for me though. I mean the acne, not the diet. 🙁

    I think my insides are screwy. I am now 44 and have had this battle since 13, so thats 32 years of HELL. I always believed *someday* it would go away but that doesnt appear to be the case for me. The past year I have tried to find an answer and nothing yet. Acne is winning the war and somedays I feel like saying “I give up, you win.”

    I tell anyone. Do what you can to find an answer because this acne $hit really does take its toll on your life. It can sap the life right out of you. Some days I feel like a shell of a man. I wonder why I have had to endure for so long. My life has been a lot less than I had ever dreamed for myself. I keep thinking some day I will wake up and everything will be different. It is truly sad.

    I wish no one ever had to suffer from acne. A wish it is…but reality suggests otherwise. If you have acne, do what you can to help yourself and find some support. Hopefully, through your own efforts, an understanding and helpful family and good friends, it will be short-lived. I wish I would’ve had that when my acne first started. Maybe things would be different. I feel so ashamed of what I am. No one should have to suffer for so long.

    Good luck and my best prayers go to all of you to find a cure.

  5. Hey an update here- id better be honest and say im not sticking to the diet- mainly because my skin seems to be improving with age (im 20)- also due to several things i feel v in control of my life now and therefore less stress so i think that helps a lot.

    I am sticking broadly to the principles though- no dairy and im vegetarian so no meat- also i limit the amount of bread i eat. For a clarification of mucusless diet and what you can/cant eat on it goto

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