food references in the Bible?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if anyone is interested in finding food references in the Bible that apply to healing the body and skin. Currently, I just started reading the Bible and I am going to list the food references, so I can figure out on my own what I think it says about eating. I think that people back then were much more in touch with nature and knew what natural food was for. We are lost in a world today, full of man-handled food, including genetically-altered food, you might not even know is not natural. I think that is why lots of us are sick. So if you are interested in listing any verses you think apply, help me. It’s a big puzzle and I do have a few other books on this subject that should help.



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  1. I noticed that in the garden of eden… what they were told to eat from is “all the trees in this garden”

    I figure this is a STRONG argument for fruits and nuts… as these, along with green leafy veggies are the only non-mucous producing foods, it is kind of ironic that only they were listed as food in the perfect enviroment on earth. :angel

  2. Nuts can break you out.

    Id rather have acne the rest of my life than having to read the bible for a cure, lol.


  3. Nuts can break you out.

    Id rather have acne the rest of my life than having to read the bible for a cure, lol.


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  4. Its true that they can break you out if you are allergic or if intolerent to them. Or if they are salted or roasted. Just saying that they arnt mucus forming, which is very important.

    More on the subject: Daniel, Shadrack, Mishack, and abendigo (sp? on all of em :oops ) Were prisoners of war, they said they didnt want any foods of the king. They went on to eat sprouted veggie type things for the next few weeks and became in better health than anyone else. (maybe this is why the lions didnt eat daniel and the others didnt burn? :onfire)

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  5. Holly

    Yes, I think it would be interesting to hear of the foods mentioned in the Bible.

    I can only remember the following (I am not a Bible reader, but I remember this stuff from school:

    Fish and loaves of bread
    Manna bread
    Red wine

    Not much of a list though!

  6. In Daniel it also mentions that “they were free from blemish” So I would love to try “Pulse” different Bibles say it is different things. More later–

  7. In Daniel it also mentions that “they were free from blemish” So I would love to try “Pulse” different Bibles say it is different things. More later–

    Dont you think the being free from blemish was meant metaphorically?

    I would say it was.

  8. Holly, thx for starting this thread. I’ve been interested in this same topic. I was reading about a man who lived to be 101 and his diet was all biblical foods- mainly goat milk & honey, dates and some bread similar to what Mari mentioned. Of course, the food then was so pure. Milk today is filled with additives etc. I agree with Nomad that nuts don’t necessarily break one out- especially without the addition of salt, sugar, etc. And also what he said about Genesis descrip of eating only from the trees. I feel like the bottom line is eating things that are as close to nature as possible- organic vs engineered or chemically farmed. But darn, there’s nothing quite like a pizza once & awhile(:

  9. Hey girlllllll!!! Glad to see you!!!! I was hoping to see you! 🙂

    How are you and how you doing with the needling?

    Mari :wave

  10. there undoubtedly better, more informed sources than the bible when it comes to nutrition.

  11. lepermesiah – I agree with you, but am still interested in what’s available in the Bible.

    By the way, my Grandfather lived to over 100 and he was a vegan all his life.

  12. Oh man don’t get me started on the Bible. Now here’s a subject I know I would offend people. So I will be a good little person and zip my mouth … LOL. Hello everyone, I guess this post was my way of saying good day to all of you. 8)

  13. I remember when Jesus came back from the dead he told the disciples to give him some fish. So he could prove he was really alive when he ate it. And he did.

  14. He even prepeared fish for them all to eat himself… Not to mention a good portion of the desiples were fishermen 8)

  15. Hi, I believe the Bible is meant to be interpretted by the individual reader at the time they read it, so if I believe it is true for me, it is, and it is not for any one to tell me I am wrong. What it means to you is your reality and will be true for you. We should respect each other for our own beliefs. I think the world is balanced by good and evil and evil serves the good of people. Without it we would not know good. I think our acne or what ever else pains us is our “Job” to figure out and challenge to meet. (Our fear to face) So many people just ignore their pain and never try to change it. They just give up and have no hope. I hope that I will be led to my answers, in fact, I know I will be and I will never give up looking for my clues.

    i think pulse means, food with “pulse” like food with energy, like food from nature, itis alive, with energy from the sun. it vibrates or pulses.

    so if Daniel ate pulse it just means he ate natural sun foods and the energy, of doing that, kept him healthy, free of blemish”ding” or “scar” or “flaw” and gave him knowledge.

    think about minerals in water. there is sodium and silica. these remind me of “crystal radio” or “silicon computerchips” they hold information. They transmit infomation. Why? It is the nature of the element to do that. So if you eat things from nature will you not get information or knowledge from the act of eating charged food? I believe you do.

    If you want to try it, buy these things. See what I am talking about.

    chlorophyll-whole plant alphalfa- I take nature’s way
    trinity mineral water (put it in a glassjar and put itin the sun for two hours)
    take fish oil with every meal, I take twin lab fish oil

    don’t eat any grains and try to get natural organic dairy and butter
    eat omega 3 eggs, I like the yolks raw but i do eat them cooked too. Eat greens, fruit, and omega 3 meat, like fish. Chicken is a better choice than beef , turkey is better than pork.

    If you do this you will get smarter in certain ways that I cannot explain.

    Read the book of Daniel in the Bible, it is true.

  16. garlic Numbers 11:5

    it protected people from the bubonic plague in chester,england in 1655 the only people that survived lived in a storehouse with a cellar full of garlic no one died in that house.

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