Acne Treatment: How to Get Rid of Acne

Get rid of acne the way YOU need to.

Acne sites have information o­n what acne is and what causes it. Getting rid of acne is where it gets confusing. You are unique as is the cause of your acne. Many sites concentrate o­n o­ne piece of the puzzle, but what is YOUR piece? Here we want to give you the big picture…

10 years of collaboration and discussion on acne treatments and products. What has worked. What hasn’t worked. But what will work for YOU?

Your plan to get rid of acne will be unique to you. Acne has so many different factors: nutritional, environmental, emotional, genetic and more.

Discovering what works for you will help you to control acne o­nce and for all. Our goal is to provide you with all of the knowledge you need so you can develop a successful acne battle plan tailored specifically to YOU.

There is an answer for you. You can be acne free!

Where to begin YOUR fight against acne?

Lets review the basics first. Healthy skin is made up of many tiny pores. The pores of your skin contain oil glands which lubricate your hair and skin. Sometimes a pore may become clogged with too much oil, dead skin cells, and even bacteria, causing acne. If a pore becomes clogged, closes, and the bulges out, you have a whitehead. If a pore becomes clogged but stays open, the top may darken and you’re left with a blackhead. Sometimes when the walls of the pore becomes damaged it allows bacteria and dead skin to work their way under the live skin. This leaves you with a red, but small infection called a pimple. Clogged pores that are open deep in the skin cause cysts which are generally infections larger than pimples that can cause pain and take a long time to heal.

What type of Acne do YOU have?

Mild acne consists of:

  • lesions limited to the face o­nly
  • acne mainly characterized by blackheads, whiteheads or both
  • no scars and no cysts (that is painful nodules in the skin)
  • 1-5 pustules.

Moderate acne consists of:

  • lesions that involve face, neck and trunk
  • acne characterized for having blackheads whiteheads or both
  • 5-10 pustules (white-centered bumps that can be red at the base)
  • occasional cysts.

Severe acne consists of:

  • lesions that involve face, neck and trunk
  • acne characterized by having blackheads whiteheads or both
  • 10 + pustules and constant cysts.

Top 6 Causes of Acne

Whether your acne is mild, moderate or severe these are proven to be the major triggers of Acne:

  • Diet
  • Hormone Fluctuations
  • Chemical Intoxication
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Stress
  • Genetics

How to Get Rid of YOUR ACNE

The Acne Battle Plan –

Follow these guidelines to develop your acne fight plan which applies to all acne types where acne is due to o­ne or more of the top 6 acne causes.

1) Choose the right skin care products and treatments

2) You should add beneficial supplements tailored to your needs.

2) You should choose a Dermatologist you feel comfortable talking to.

3) Drink Water! You should drink between 7 to 9 glasses of clean water daily; more if you exercise or sweat a lot.

4) Get enough sleep! Sleep is so important because it is during sleep that our body repairs damaged body tissues. Studies show that most people need around eight hours of sleep; this may be slightly more or less for you.

5) Learn from other people experiences.

6) Do not pick your skin!

7) Plan a healthy diet

8) Exercise! Not o­nly does regular exercise increase circulation to your face, and help flush away toxins; exercise is great for reducing stress.

9) You should stay positive because you will defeat Acne!

Acne Diet Plans and Tips

  • Acne Diet Plan 1 – Dairy Free
  • Acne Diet Plan 2 – Gluten Free
  • Acne Diet Plan 3 – Sugar Free
  • Acne Diet Plan 4 – Lectin Free
  • Acne Diet Plan 5 – Detoxing

Read more about the main acne diets to find what works for you.

Quick Acne Diet Tips

1) Avoid sugar. High blood sugar levels help acne bacteria thrive.

2) Avoid soft drinks and other high sugar juices.

3) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables of different colors.

4) Avoid fried foods.

5) Eat protein with every meal. Salmon is great for the skin.

6) Drink lots of water. This is very important and in fact there is people who have found that drinking water alone gets rid of their acne.

What effect does sun light have o­n Acne?

Sun is very damaging to the skin. Exposure to ultra violet light from the sun is a double-edged sword. o­n o­ne side of this sword the exposure kills acne bacteria, and reduces the appearance of red marks. O­n the other side, sun stimulates oil production, which causes inflammation and clogged pores, which leads to breakouts. Ultra violet light prematurely ages the skin, which leads to wrinkles. Your skin will always look better directly after sun exposure when the color producing cells called melanocytes rise to the surface of your skin, and produce a darker skin color from the melanin that they produce. BUT within 1 to 3 weeks after prolonged sun exposure most people who are Acne prone will experience a breakout that is directly linked to it. This is the same story with tanning booths because they tan the skin with ultra violet light. While this light is not from the sun it is from specially made equipment that generates this particular wave length of light. “Sun free” tanning preparations are fine as long as they don’t have any comedogenic ingredients in them.

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