Jon’s R Journal

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Week One:First few days were fine, felt my lips drying so got vaseline on them straight away. Moved back to uni the other day woke up to see my face dry as hell. I’ve noticed some large cysists on my back and one on my check bone all not that bad though. Since being on […]

Moisturizers and R Newbie

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I’ve been on R for a week now and my skin is starting to dry up a treat! it aint great! can anyone give me some good moisturizers that will help? I’ve also noticed that my senses are numbing is the best way i can explain it, and im getting this subliminal tight pain where […]

blurry vision post accutane

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Hi! My 17 year old son just finished accutance at the end of October. He was taking 80mg/day for 7 months and then 40mg/day for the last month (October). He has been off of the accutane for @ 6 weeks. His eyes seem to be drier now that he is off of the accutane and […]

Retin-A while on Accutane

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I have been a bit resistant to stopping retin-A even though I am almost one month into taking 40mg accutane/day. Does anyone else use a topical while on accutane. My derm told me to use it only on spots but I fear if I stop it I’ll regress and break-out again. Any thoughts on this?

difference between accutane and roaccutane?

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Excuse my ignorance here… but what is the difference between accutane & roaccutane?Are they the same thing, just called different names in different countries?

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