Moisturizers and R Newbie

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I’ve been on R for a week now and my skin is starting to dry up a treat! it aint great! can anyone give me some good moisturizers that will help? I’ve also noticed that my senses are numbing is the best way i can explain it, and im getting this subliminal tight pain where [...]

blurry vision post accutane

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Hi! My 17 year old son just finished accutance at the end of October. He was taking 80mg/day for 7 months and then 40mg/day for the last month (October). He has been off of the accutane for @ 6 weeks. His eyes seem to be drier now that he is off of the accutane and [...]

Retin-A while on Accutane

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I have been a bit resistant to stopping retin-A even though I am almost one month into taking 40mg accutane/day. Does anyone else use a topical while on accutane. My derm told me to use it only on spots but I fear if I stop it I’ll regress and break-out again. Any thoughts on this?

difference between accutane and roaccutane?

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Excuse my ignorance here… but what is the difference between accutane & roaccutane?Are they the same thing, just called different names in different countries?

period problems from the pill…

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not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but i’m on the pill coz of roaccutane… i only started using the pill (Yasmin) 3 weeks ago when i started Roaccutane, but it has been messing with my period and hormones… is this normal?I had my period all normnal, a little less pain. [...]

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